Rocking this week


Linking up over at Virginia’s, with my rocking moments of this week!

I started this earlier last week, so I would hopefully have it post while I was away, but I didn’t get it finished or scheduled so Easter Monday it is!!

Most of this week has been taken up with making these postcards, but there have been other important happenings as well.

Miss 6 lost her first tooth:
She lost her first tooth today at school. #growinguptoofast #icried
It has been wriggly for a while and she has been steadily trying to wriggle it out of her mouth for the last couple of years, so when she came home from school carrying an envelope she was over the moon. A dream had come true for her. It made me think she was growing up far too fast for my liking.

So plans were made for the tooth fairy visit, and plans were hatched so that she could sneakily peek at the tooth fairy. Then her brother told her that he hoped it was the tooth fairy that came and not the Tooth troll, because if one of them comes they eat small children. There were tears and decisions to not put the tooth out after all but I made a spell to troll proof the room and we were back on for fairy visitations!

Once I recovered from the exasperation I have to say I thought the story was genius,and it has made me smile all week. I think there could be a story in the tooth troll, though it was pointed out to me that the child-eating would have to go! :)

Our local art museum had a big free day out planned over the weekend with lie entertainment (with some really good acts) and a circus and art activities for the children. We packed up a picnic and camped out under a tree and the feeling of peace as I lay back listening to one of my favouritest singers on stage with the sun on my face and bubbles coming from somewhere drifting overhead felt quite magical.

Dog pile!

Watching acrobats and magical performances. #fusecircus

We also caught Holi, which is a traditional Hindu festival of colour where they throw pigment and water at each other. With our water shortages the water throwing was out, but the children were invited to joing in and they loved throwing pigment at each other and the people around them. I even got visited by a woman and ended up covered in colour. It was a fun explosion of colour and I am glad we caught it!

Covered in colour celebrating Holi, a traditional Hindu Festival of colour.

This girl has plans of payback on her mind...celebrating Holi, a traditional Hindu Festival of colour where you throw colour at each other.

I caught up with a good friend over coffee which was so appreciated, and refilled me completely.

My love also rocked my week, with organising our travel and accommodation over the weekend for my family gathering.

All in all, my week was pretty rocking and creatively very full! What more could a gal ask for! :)


3 thoughts on “Rocking this week

  1. You had a great rocking week! A tooth troll is a great story!! But, I am happy the tooth fairy came ;o) So much fun outside at the museum! Loved all the pictures ;o) Happy Day ;o)

  2. Oh I’m even later, only got back from hols yesterday so only just catching up on blogs, you look like you had a fabulous week. I’m loving the troll story what a memory to share with them both when they get older, definitely sounds like a fantastic imagination, well done you for troll proofing the bedroom!

    Loving the colourful piccies too, we had a good week away with plenty of blue skies but it was extremely cold!

    Hope you’ve had a good Easter week.

    Hugs and thank you for joining in, it’s such a pleasure to read about your Rocking Moments



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