Inspired by stones…

I have mentioned a few times the inspiration I have gotten from Tammy’s class in 21 Secrets.

What I love in a workshop and what I got from this workshop is that place where it fires off synapses all over your brain and you are completely captivated and obsessed.

During the class I did this page, not in colours that normally draw me, but while I was working on another page I saw river stones and thought how cool the technique would be in those stone like colours.

I was right. The page without all the background painted in captivated me.

#artjournal page in progress. #watercolour #21secrets

I was in love.

The page ended up like this…

River stones

Here is a close up…

Riverstones Close up

More than what this page ended up as, is the inspiration it began. Since this page I have been obsessed by rocks. Different ideas, layouts, colours. I have a bowl of rocks on my table top. My sketchbook is filling up.

Sometimes we find something that completely juices us up, and excites us. Throws ideas at us faster than we can get down. That is where I am now with stones, and I am just trying to hang on.

Tomorrow I will share some of my sketchbook pages.


What comes next? Card #8/52

8 weeks of reflecting on each week! How the time has gone. Flicking through each card I remember each state of mind I had. Such a powerful weekly process.

What comes next #8/52

Using another face this week as well! :) I wonder if I am using up supplies or being lazy, but there was some decision making to be had in terms of which face suited my mood of the moment.

The journaling reads:
Looking for the signpost in the road. Where am I meant to be now and will I know when I am there?

The question of the moment.

Joining Teresa’s 52 cards practice.

Here are her words:

★ Each Friday, I create a small collage using a playing card and random elements. My mission is to creatively document the keywords, colors and.or lessons of each week; and create a visual mile marker of each week’s lessons} on Saturday.

Join me? What is something you want to accomplish? It can be a mini-goal or something you want to invest in weekly. Let’s share our images of what we are investing in our creative goals {art journal pages, cards {mini-art, index cards, etc.}! Use hashtag #my52cards on Twitter and Instagram, tag photos on Flickr my52cards …

April Link Love #4

link-love-icon250This is the last April Link Love for Tammy’s link up, though I have enjoyed it so much I have decided to keep up some version of inspiration sharing, and what is exciting me on the interwebs!  :)  You can find out more about Tammy’s mission over here.

My first bit of link love this week is going to an artist I have LONG admired, Lynne Hoppe.  I love the character in the faces she creates and bring to life.  She also generously provided this tutorial some time ago which I love.  Look at this!!  It is art that makes one’s heart feel very full and happier for seeing it.  Or this.  You must go exploring!!  There is ethereal heart-pounding goodness over there!  :)

My second bit of link love is going to Quinn McDonald.  I love her blog and she honestly has the most engaging commenters in the world I think.  One can sometimes feel intimidated to post because they have nothing of value to add, but Quinn always makes you feel welcome and that your contribution is not completely rubbish!  She also shares inspirational links that take your breath away like this or this. Then there are her words, and her honest bravery like this.  Words that speak to so many people, such a gift.

Next on my little tour today is the work by Mandy over at Messy Canvas.  LOVE.  OH MY GOSH.  LOVE.  Her secret messages on my instagram feed are like little oracles and make me swoon.  This!  Took my breath away and punched me in the gut. Her words.  They are breath takers.  Her art (!) browse through her blog and spend some delicious time with it, because you will fall in love.  Her Etsy store is truth and deliciousness all over the screen.

As well as Quinn’s post I linked to above, the other bit of truth telling that really touched me this week was this by Tamara of Willowing fame.  So many truths in this post, and I was kind of staggered to imagine there was all this going on.  I am blessed not to see it around me, or at the places I check out.  I think Tamara was very brave dealing with it as she did, and facing up to it.

We don’t all have to like everything out there, but if something is not to our taste then move on quietly.  Not everything needs a comment.  While I am linking to Tamara I will also say I am a fan of her offerings, having partaken in more than a few of her classes, including both of the incredible Lifebook classes.  Tamara also offers a FREE class on her ning site which can be found over here.  When I grabbed the link for the free class (I suspect you will need to be a member of her ning before that link takes you anywhere), I just noticed there were now 3000 people signed up which is staggering go her for touching that many people!!

Link love number 4 is going to Natasha May or actually Nataša (but pronounced Natasha…at least I think I have that right!!). I absolutely love her girls with the big stencilled hair.  Love! So I am linking up to the one’s I just stalked out on her blog.  Here, here, here, here, here and here (maybe my favourite!!).  I love their crazy glorious hair!

My last little link love for the month of April is going to Carla Sonheim.  I have read and adored two of her books (and have book reviews on them coming up).  I became addicted to creating pamphlet books via her book on Imaginary Animals (which will be photographed for my review {note to self}).  I just adore her which I mentioned here when I did her gessoed flowers tutorial.  I love her colours and lines and paint work, more recently I have fallen in inspiration love with her gelli plate work, like this and this.  I just got lost over there for an hour in the middle of compiling my list of links.  Go explore her site.  Her work is beautiful and I just got lightening bolts regarding some unfinished work of mine.

This week’s link love is complete.  I am looking forward to checking out all the new links that have been shared this week.  I have loved seeing what is inspiring people and finding so many new to me inspirations and blogs.  Such a genius idea!  :)

Rocking my week this week!

RYWJoining up over at Virginia’s as I record my moments that are Rocking my World this week.

This week we had ANZAC where we remember those who have fought for us in the World Wars and more recent fights.  Sebastian participated in his first parade this year as a St. John’s Cadet, and he looked beautiful up there marching away.  Also my baby sister has joined Sea Cadets and was in the same parade so I got to waver happily between a proud big sister (because she looked STUNNINGLY ADORABLE in her uniform) and a proud Mum.  I also quietly cried throughout the service and it felt more emotional to me than it has before, although we generally go to the dawn service each year.

Getting ready for his first ANZAC day parade.

The school holidays are here, and my Beloved took this week off so we have been spending a lot of family time together and it has been wonderful…apart from the bickering between the children, but even that has slowed down in the past couple of days.

Sebastian and my Beloved went to an exhibition at our National Museum called Game Masters that they have been talking about seeing for months. I thought that while they were there, Victoria and I could go explore their art collection which I have been wanting to do for ages, but normally we get waylaid by the children and the interactive exhibits and collections on the lower levels.

The art gallery space had an “art studio” where they had a light box set up for sketching and a big poetry wall.

Sketching over a lightbox. #sharedartistdate

Making poems about time travel.

They also had things for doing tribal rubbings and stencils:
Tribal stencils
Tribal pencil rubbings and stencil
Tribal pencil rubbings

Once I got Victoria set up I got to spend time in the gallery space and it was BLISS.  There were so many works I wanted to see, and got to see and I was totally inspired.  Victoria would join me for bits before disappearing to read books or do more creating, and I kept an eye on her from where I was, but I was in heaven.  It felt very luxurious and I loved having the time to do it.

Watercolours have also been rocking my world this week. I have dabbled in them before, but not hugely and doing one of the workshops at 21 Secrets has really inspired me! I have played with them more this week than I have since I got them.

Rainbows and Grey Skies

I also sewed up some prayer flags.

Making prayer flags.

One was for somebody in particular who is going through some stuff at the moment.

Prayer flag

BUT I had 7 left, and I have been meaning to do this ChakrArt course, and there are 7 Chakras so I had the idea to do each of the chakra projects on a flag. So excited about this and the synchronicity of how things work out…I thought it was just complete procrastination and was feeling guilty for not getting to the project yet.

Things have a way of working themselves out!

Finally we have had our first fire of the season. We had just stacked the wood the day before, and the weather completely packed up and turned very cold. Perhaps not cold enough for a fire, but it excited me, as did the lego universe building in the living room and the board game championships that were going on. Combined with the paints that I had out it seemed like an auspicious start to the cold season! :)

The first fire of the season! #thejoyincolddays #hadtotalkhimintoit

And that was my rocking moments this week. :)

Artist’s Way Challenge: Week 6 check-in

Week 6!

The furtherest I have ever been, and half way through!  I am not sure if there have been any life changing moments so far, but definitely doing the morning pages each day and all the tasks each week has made me feel very productive.

This was more of a “doing” week task wise, rather than any writing/journaling leading to art journal pages.  Although I did do some more collecting of images for my vision boards from last week.

Updated vision board

Updated vision board

Updated vision board

This week the focus was on our attitudes to abundance and money.

The tasks included collecting rocks (which ended up tying in beautifully with my new obsession of rocks which I will be posting about soon! :)), baking cookies, decluttering wardrobes, keeping a record of all the money we spend and making changes to the home environment.

The quotable quotes from Julia Cameron that stood out to me this week are:

All too often, we become blocked and blame it on our lack of money.  This is never an authentic block.  The actual block is our feeling of constriction, our sense of powerlessness.  Art requires us to empower ourselves with choice.  At the most basic level this means choosing to do self-care.

When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.

What we are talking about when we discuss luxury is very often a shift in consciousness more than flow….
Creative living requires the luxury of time, which we carve out for ourselves…
Creative living requires the luxury of space for ourselves….
Designating a few things special and yours alone can go a long way toward making you feel pampered.

My artist date this week was a visit to an art gallery that I have been wanting to visit for such a long time.  It left me totally inspired and excited.  I took my notebook and recorded ideas and sketches as I luxuriated in the time and space I had from the school holidays that are happening around me.  I was totally juiced up.  Just thinking about it now makes me smile and think about all the ideas I have in my head.

Now I just have to start doing them!  :)


You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. 

You may have to work for it however.


WishesI am doing the 21 Secrets workshop and so far I have not gotten past Tammy’s workshop which has led to me falling completely and utterly in love with my watercolours.  My acrylics are in danger of becoming quite jealous I suspect!  :)

I saw rainbow circles in my head and I chose the wrong colours so it was not working as I saw in my head.  I used a bit of gesso and white acrylics to push the colours back by swirling them around the page.  As it was drying, I noticed the top of the tissues I had just opened matched the colours in the page.

I got ridiculously excited by that find, and stuck the top onto the page quick smart.  Then I found a quote I liked about wishes.  I used graphite because I liked the way it looked on the page.

Wishes close up

Sharing the fortnight’s reflections

Although I made my card last week I was so late in posting I figured I may as well hold off until I had done this weeks card.  To find out more about this 52 cards please visit Teresa over here who describes the purpose of the cards much more eloquently than I could.

I am loving how each week’s card is so completely different.  As it would be I guess when each week’s reflection would not be the same!

Celebrating now #5/52

The journaling reads:
I feel like celebrating this week – opening new doors.  Putting things in place.  Connecting, being afraid and doing it anyway.  Putting myself out there.  Finding new paths.  trusting the paths I am on.  Figuring out and processing stories in my head.  Keeping the truth.  telling the right people.  Opening up and sharing.  Being listened to and heard.  So, so grateful,  Deep breath.  Deep breath.  It is all okay.

I have been in a good place emotionally.  I feel good (also wondered if I should not delete that right off in case I tempt fate and now life is going to turn to custard!), and I guess that is reflected in this card.  I have made some decisions and I feel good about them and the direction my life may (or may not go in).  Just very open to opportunity.

I am also completely in love with Watercolour at the moment thanks to Tammy’s workshop in 21 Secrets, so my background was with watercolours which are out almost permanently at the moment.

Week 7:

Starting over #7/52There was no journaling at all on this card.  I felt called to do none all the while I was making the card.  I stuck the paper on the card knowing I was going to paint on it because it was an UGLY colour.  So over that I used gesso and then watercolours (because I am still in love and they are still out).

Some time ago I did a page of quirky faces and I have slowly begun using them in the last couple of weeks (after I was looking for something else and “refound” these), I saw this face and liked it.

A couple of years ago I did Soul Restoration, and I have an envelope of quotes left over from those projects.  I was looking for something earlier in the week and had not put all the quotes away properly because I found a sheet with a few quotes on it while I was deciding what to do with this card and I liked the saying on this one. It fits where I am right now.

Also thank goodness I am so slack at tidying up I guess because these bits were all out while I was creating the page.  It has left me wondering whether they are a reflection of my subconscious and the things going on for me, or if I am just a messy person and I am pre-empting these cards with my general untidiness.

I DO feel very good right now about where I am and also with the knowledge that if I have a moment that is not so good it is only one moment, and tomorrow I can start again, so maybe it is a mix of both.  Or maybe the things that are left out are a reflection of where we are and our general head space.

Clearly for that level of navel gazing stemming from a card I have had a pretty good week!  :)