Making postcards


The last couple of weeks I have had postcards on the brain.  I joined Hanna’s postcard swap, and Tammy suggested doing an extra 10 so that you could send a postcard to those who send to you…extending the happy mail joy, so I did an extra 10…and then a few more besides.

The backgrounds were all finished last week, some were shown here, and the other three backgrounds are here:

Painted background
Painted background
Painted background

This week I have cut the backgrounds up:
Painted canvas

Cut up cardstock for postcard backs:
Decided my original idea to sew the lines on the postcard backs was a stupid one (and stressful), much happier with free-styled lines! #DIYpostcardswap

Glued the canvas onto the cardstock and then decided to do found poetry on the front so I went through my book text pile and glued on my found poetry (which also means I am joining in with Aimee’s Glue it Tuesday, because there has been A LOT of glue this week, and she suggested it was about existing work rather than working new prompts, so I figure this counts).

So here are the finished cards:
The way is clear
I don't believe
Unexplained facts
Giving orders
Looking down
Telling the truth
It is winter
Listening for love
Pastel shades of disappointment
The eye of the beholder
There was love
Smiling lips
Defaced symbols
Summoned up
Iron gates
No doubtsCourage
Your hat
Rusted time

Next week they will all be written, addressed, and posted!  :)


26 thoughts on “Making postcards

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  2. These are fantastic!!! Well done! This was a lot of work! I love the words on each one! Makes you think! All different stories! Love the art too ;o) Everyone will be happy!!!

  3. I just LOVE photo heavy blogs :) Your postcards are picture perfect with a beautiful combination of colours. Very exciting and interesting project.

  4. So cool! love the poetry – has inspired me to go and check out my fridge magnet poetry.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog – this PC swap is the BEST! – love all the connections made.

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  6. Your backgrounds are so beautifully perfect, and the gold accents are like the icing on the cake. I feel like I could stare at these all day!

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