Gessoed Flowers and open doorways

Kristin Dudish has a new tutorial tryout each week and this week was the abstracted gessoed flowers by Carla Sonheim that can be found here.

I am an absolute fan of Carla, I love her work and her books.  I remember doing this tutorial when I actually saw it (one of the few that I did right away, I suspect it was when I was experimenting with making my own gesso), but I cannot for the life of me find where I did it the first time.  I remember I was not that impressed with my page last time so I am glad I had this opportunity to redo the idea and play with it because I LOVE how this spread came out this time.

Here is the finished spread:

The doorway

Over the weekend I was making some spray inks, and while I was trying to get the intensity of colour I wanted I was spraying onto this page with my homemade stencils. When I went to turn to an empty page for this prompt, I thought I may as well gesso over the ink and then reuse this page, the ink underneath if it showed through would just be an extra layer. I then painted india ink over the dried gesso and then painted more gesso on as per the tutorial.

I decided to add a bit of colour to the page to make the flowers pop out a bit more. And then while I had my folder of text out making these, I decided to use some found text on this spread as well.

The doorway - Page 1

The doorway - Page 2

Some super close ups of the found words:

The doorway close up (part 1)

The doorway close up (part 2)

I generally use cheap gesso, I have some Golden Gesso, but it costs and arm and a leg by the time it reaches the bottom of the world, so I am quite stingy about using it, but after my first coat of gesso when I painted in the flowers, I decided to break out the good stuff for a slightly better coat on the background, which I am pleased I did. This was a fun spread to do, as it sat open on the table beside me ready for when I had scraps of time to work on it.

Oh how I love gesso!!


7 thoughts on “Gessoed Flowers and open doorways

  1. Hi Natasha – Thanks for your visit to my blog just now… I don’t know how you found me but I’m glad you did, ’cause now I found you too and your work is stunning! I especially love your ‘found poetry cards’ – I’m a big fan of using poetry/texts on cards and art journal pages. Enjoy your day and happy Easter! Hug from Holland!

  2. You know I have never used gesso! I hear so many of you talk about it. I love your creation! I love the movement and the shapes and the words!! The different colors bring everything together! A+++ Happy Easter my friend ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. I love the close-up shots of your pages – they really show off your beautiful texture!
    I think the addition of the text is fantastic :)


    p.s. I quoted you in my latest blog post – I hope you don’t mind :)

  4. Beautiful Work Natasha! I am happy you stopped by Kookaburra Laughing, because I found you, and your blog is yummy eye candy. I’m so glad there isn’t a shortage of gesso supply in New Zealand as there is UHU. I should start a UHU blackmarket! Let me know if you need some lol. As for Golden.. it is ridiculously expensive everywhere I think!

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