Re-evaluating #3/52 cards

Last week I emptied out an old wish jar (because I needed the giant jar for another project! :)) and as I was pulling out my old wishes that had been in there for a few years I realised how most of the wishes were not what I would wish for now. It surprised me the difference in three years, and the work I have done to know who I am and what my wishes would be now.

I suspect back then I just made stuff up because I thought I was meant to wish for that stuff. Progress has been made clearly when I can recognise that!! It made me think of re-evaluating our wishes and taking the time to take stock off our old dreams and reassess if that is still matching up to our core values.

Which brings me on to this card: My #3/52.

#3/52 cards

I made it completely not thinking about the above moment, at least not consciously. In fact I was kind of surprised that this became my card this week. It seemed to me, to come from no where really.

And then I sat down to write this post and thought of the wish jar and it all made so much more sense.

Funny how that happens!

The journaling reads:
I don’t know sometimes if I am on the right path or dreaming. Is there some sign post I am missing? At what point do I take a deep breath and look for new paths and when am I giving up too soon? Or is it giving up? Divergent paths – or part of the same story?


2 thoughts on “Re-evaluating #3/52 cards

  1. This is very interesting! Everything kind of came together for you, with the wish jar and this card. Maybe it is a sign, that you are on the right path, since you just emptied out your old wish jar.

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