Artist’s Way Challenge Check in: Week 2

Yay for finishing week 2! Still no money to be sent out!!! hahaha

My morning pages were completed every day, and I had forgotten how much more organised and productive I am when I have them. Maybe it is the constant writing down each day of everything I still need to do, that keeps everything present and ticking along!

The stand out quotes from Julia Cameron for me this week were:

The essential element in nurturing out creativity lies in nurturing ourselves. Through self-nurturance we nurture our inner connection to the Great Connector.

Your crazymaker is a block you chose yourself, to deter you from your own trajectory.

In creative recovery, it is not necessary that we change any of our beliefs. It is necessary that we examine them. More than anything else, creative recovery is an exercise in openmindedness.

The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.

This reinforced motivation is allowing me to dive deeper than I have previously which is surprising and very motivating to continue (though I am only on week 2 so that is easy for me to say now!!!)  :)

This week I added some more imaginary lives to the page:

Imaginary lives

I made a background that I thought I would use, but then none of the tasks called out to use it, so it is now an intermission! :)


Looking at my sacred circle and the issues that I am careful about who I talk to. Again in my journaling I am much more fulsome, than my representational images. Also there were some people who had limited access to the circle for some topics and not others. It was also interesting some of the people for whom I realised that I would say nothing of any real meaning to. I felt clearer about some of my boundaries than I have for a long time, so this was a useful exercise.

Sacred Circle

Looking at my “Life Pie” was next, so looking at exercise, spirituality, romance/adventure, friends, work and play.

Life Pie

My exercise I am really happy with at the moment: Walking/jogging 5.5kms at least 5 days a week and then the fitness group I have joined where I have been doing exercises like 100 push ups, a zillion lunges and freaking awful burpees (this week’s challenge) every day. So tick, in fact as I look at it now, I wonder that I didn’t actually score that higher! Spirituality was one of my lowest, I realise I haven’t read any of my dharma books for a long time, or meditated consistently, so I am making an effort to do that every day. There is no excuse for when the children and my beloved go off to church on a Sunday either that I can’t do more to refill my spiritual well. So that is on the agenda.

Romance and adventure I am happy with, but who couldn’t do with more adventure if the opportunity arises! :) Friends is the same, I have some really good friends around me in real life and online and I am grateful. So really that score is reflective of me being a better friend and connecting more, than any needs I have. Work I felt let the side down, and I don’t know if I play enough. So I am going to take the time to play more, or take time to do things for no set purpose.

It doesn’t look so flash, but I wonder if I was a little harsh on my scores because I was actually surprised at how happy I was for most of the sections!

Twenty things I liked to do for fun was easy. I could have kept going! Some of the things that came up surprised me, but I wrote them down as they came to me without thinking too much about them. Part of the exercise was also to record when we last did the activities and I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part, things have been done relatively recently. Go me!

Fun activity evaluation

Ten changes I wanted to make, was also quite easy. Particularly in light of the Life Pie exercise.

Changes I want to make

My artist date this week was to take the time in amongst everything else to make an Easter Tree and an easter nest:
Feeling the Easter spirit. #eastertree

The outside of the nest...

Completely not what I had on my to-do list but two things that bring me so much joy when I look at them. I had so much fun, and was completely catapulted into the Easter spirit. :)

I have had a couple of people mention the “God”, or high spiritual nature of the book. I haven’t found it a problem, although she does mention that aspect relatively often. In the Introduction, Julia Cameron actually alludes to not letting semantics to get in the way of what you take out of the book, and that you can substitute her use of “God” for any concept that works for you, whether that be “in the flow” with “Spirit” etc, etc. I have not found it off putting.

I don’t have any bad experience with “God” or the church though, and I live in a house of Catholics (:)), so I take from it what I take from it, and carry on, and that works or me.  I don’t know how useful that is to those who have asked about that aspect of the book. But speaking from Week 2, that is where I am and what I would have to say about it.


10 thoughts on “Artist’s Way Challenge Check in: Week 2

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these pages. I have found Julia Cameron’s work tempting but intimidating for a long time now. Seeing the exercises in a familiar art journaling form has me seriously considering finally picking up my copy of TAW that I’ve had for years and at least giving it a read. Something about how you’ve described the Morning Pages practice here made it finally click for me that it’s a lot like David Allen’s concepts in Getting Things Done and I felt a little mental shift, like it just somehow made more sense.I can’t wait to see more of your pages as you continue with it.

  2. Natasha, I thoroughly enjoy reading about your journey into the artists way! I love seeing what it is bringing out in you!!! Thanks so much for sharing and giving input on the book also!!! Keep going on it! Week 2 is DONE!! good for you!!!

  3. This is so in depth Natasha! I applaud you! Good for you doing your exercises! Meditating will come! I always have my stones around me, so “when” I don’t do my meditating, I feel I am getting my energy from them ;o) But, as you, I have to get my butt in gear and do it more often! “God”, can be taken so many different ways. For me, I feel it is you! The power and energy is within you! I get a lot of strength too, when I am outside gardening or looking at the moon ;o) This is a great post!! Keep it up!

  4. “the quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight” is one of my favorite quotes from the book. (Okay, from the first four chapters since that’s as far as I got). I’m taking a lot of delight from watching your wonderful and inspiring work with the book!

  5. I am in week 3 of Artist’s Way! It has been huge in un-blocking me creatively. However, I didn’t even think to art journal my tasks… what a great idea! I like to call myself a “spiritual athiest” and I cringed the first few chapters at the word God used so much, but I keep going. I just replace it in my head as “source” or “universe”. Now, I guess I’m used to it.

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  7. Enjoy reading your journey in Artist’s Way. It is this book & these exercises, when I did them16 years ago, that opened my eyes & led me to make a major career change to become an art teacher! Stick with it! It’s phenomenal! BTW, found you through Daisy Yellow :)

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