Rocking my world last week…

I am running ridiculously behind in posting.  It is now Tuesday night, but it was a good week last week and I want to record it or I will forget it.  Besides we are edging ever closer to Winter and when I need pepping up I will be able to look back at these posts and remember life is not as gray as the weather outside!  :)

RYWLinking up at Virginia’s place as always, the gracious hostess of gratitude and rocking your world moments!

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a good friend of mine and she asked what I was doing for Easter, in light of the Christmas celebrations we did last year.  I remarked I wasn’t really feeling Easter and left it at that.  We met up for lunch this week and she treated me at the most delightful place.  The food was LOVELY, a few little dishes and one of my favourites fresh Vietnamese rolls.  YUM. She let me whine about the trifling details of what was going on and get that out of my system.

Then we went to a shop she wanted to take me to, where she got me into the Easter spirit.  She bought me some Easter decorations more or less with love (there were not a lot of choices involved), and I realised how flat I had been without realising.  How much the normal humdrum of life had a little bit taken over, and I had forgotten the magic.  Problem solved I suddenly got a burst of Easter energy, and made an Easter tree and a nest out of burlap and yarn.

Feeling the Easter spirit. #eastertree

Here is the nest…
The outside of the nest...

Children were very excited and I am happy whenever I look at it. I have plans to make new Easter decorations, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I am SO grateful for good friends who can hear that I am flat even when I don’t realise. It wasn’t until my well was filled and I was in the Easter crafting spirit that I realised how flat and mired in the hum drum I had been.

Also I love this note that Victoria left me, she had had a massive meltdown and stormed off to her room, about ten minutes later she called out to me and shut her door again. This was left outside her door. It gave me pause to take a deep breath and recover from the almost constant bickering that has beset her and her brother at the moment.

Magnadoodle left outside her bedroom door after a meltdown.

I know we are in drought conditions and badly need water, but it is so hard to wish away the sun. Especially now that we are going camping this weekend, when we go back to my family Marae. I am grateful for the sun, and the ability to take my cup of tea outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

I am also grateful for my Beloved and am so grateful he is such a hands on father and has the ability to sense when the children are pushing me to the edge of the cliff with their arguing and is able to step in and let me have some peace.


4 thoughts on “Rocking my world last week…

  1. awww sweets, I know how that feels….it must be the time of year! I have been in the same kind of mood too! I am so glad you have someone who helped out! I looked up the book you are doing and would have got it from the library but it was already on reserve….I will try again. It intrigues me! Have a good easter with your fam! Your decorations are super cute!

  2. Oh do you know Natasha I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo needed your post tonight, I’ve come in from the longest day and the hardest work day talking of redundancies and work colleagues disappearing, of the epic task ahead and of the changes and it’s been so very very hard. Then I see your post, you talk of sunshine and family and camping and of children who acknowledge that they’ve not been at their best and whilst they might struggle to say it to your face they’ve said it in written form and I am immensely grateful for my Rocking group because you really do make a massive difference, you remind me of the important and help me forget the insignificant and for that I am and always be enormously grateful – thank you!

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