Experimenting and some gold leafy goodness!

Kristin Dudish has a new feature running at the moment on her blog called “Tutorial tryout”, where rather than just book marking all those online tutorials we intend to do one day, we actually do them (and I have saved more than just a few and then never gotten anywhere near them!).

This week was on stenciling resists, which I thought sounded like a great idea, and has the added advantage for my never ending to-do list at the moment that I could use the results as backgrounds for my postcards for Hanna’s DIY Postcard Swap!  :)

I decided to do the Christine Adolf’s stencil foil resist painting.  I did not have the Krylon sprayshe recommends however, but given you were almost melting that into the foil as an adhesive I did have some plastic varnish spray that I thought may do the trick.  I also didn’t have any foil, BUT I did have some gold leaf which was as shiny as the foil looked, and rather than use watercolour paper (which I suspect may have worked better), I used my canvas pad instead…a complete experiment!!

I used my home-made stencils and sprayed the varnish through the stencil.  I gave it a reasonably heavy coat since I wanted to be able to melt it and stick something to it.  I used my twinkling h20s once the varnish was dry and that was a good resist, that I suspect would have worked a whole lot better with watercolour paper.  As you can see from the photos I did 3 sheets of the paper, and the watercolour pooled a lot on the canvas paper, (which one may have thought about had they thought this through a bit more!), I did end up making a paste-ish type application with a lot less water and scrubbing it in a bit .

Experiment 1 - Stage 1
Experiment 2 - Stage 1
Experiment 3 - Stage 1

At this stage I was not sure what they were going to be like when they dried, and so I did think about using a light acrylic wash or ink, but decided to wait until it dried.

Once it dried it wasn’t too bad, and I knew I was probably going to add on a few more layers afterwards anyway so I decided to just leave it as is.

I put on the gold leaf and with some paper over top (because I did not fancy the telling off my beloved would give me if I gold leafed our good iron, and I couldn’t find my craft iron), I ironed over the gold leaf. I also ironed the back of the canas as well. It did stick to the resist, but I had to brush off the gold leaf from the paper and in some places I was a little too rough and ready. I found the geometric patterns worked a whole lot better than the circle stencils I used as well.

Experiment 1 - Stage 2
Experiment 2 - Stage 2
Experiment 3 - Stage 2

Because I was intending to chop these up for use these as backgrounds for postcards, i put a wee bit of gel medium on top because I didn’t want the gold leaf flaking off in the mail. In some areas the technique worked really well for me, in spite of the substitutions. I want to try this out again in my art journal, and try different paints and see what the result is like.

As my top layers I decided to do some airbrush acrylic drips and here they all are. Waiting to be cut up with the other backgrounds I am making.

Next week is this tutorial which I have made before (one of the few I have actually done!!), and I am excited to do them again. I loved how well they come out. I highly recommend Kristin‘s on a Tueday!! :)


12 thoughts on “Experimenting and some gold leafy goodness!

  1. These are so successful and effective.
    I really didn’t understand what this tutorial was about, and didn’t realise the foil was something separate from the spray! I really should look more carefully and read instructions thoroughly. I could have put gold flakes on! Your examples are mouth-watering. I particularly like the abstract one at the end.
    Looking forward to this week’s work myself and to seeing what you do.

  2. Your results were fantastic, Natasha! And, this was a great explanation of how you did it :)
    They are going to make beautiful postcards – Wow!
    (I also laughed about how you used the regular iron with extra paper to be safe – I could picture the exact same thing happening in my house.)

    If you have any tutorials from your bookmark list, please feel free to make suggestions – I’m up for anything!


  3. Saw some of it on insta, but had to come here to take a closer look too. Very cool! SO glad to have found you/your blog via Tammy. :-)

    Will send out postcard addresses next week. Yay!

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  5. Pffft. I must have my head in the sand. I hadn’t seen these tutorials play alongs and now after seeing them on Jez’s blog – I’m seeing them everywhere! I must join in!

    I love what you did and also showing us how you swapped bits in and out.

    Also. How, even though I have signed up to your emails (which I do get) have I managed to miss so many of your posts again.

  6. love your experiments!! I used some gold leaf on my thank you cards for the postcards I recieved in last years swap – I loved using it and haven’t used it since. you’ve totally sparked my interest again – I think my problem is too many mediums and not enough time ;)

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