Week 1 Artist’s Way Challenge Check-in

No money to be sent out this week…week one was completed!! :)

It was interesting to me, that despite how many times I have read this first chapter I still managed to find something new in it, that I hadn’t seen before. I don’t know if it was the added motivation that I am now reading this book with, but fresh eyes are always appreciated. :)

I journaled a lot this week, and then the culmination of the journaling got turned into art journal pages which is what I will be showing here. As well as some of my reflections. A lot of the pages are not complete and I anticipate that they will get added to over the course of reading the book…there are still 11 more weeks!!

At the outset I also want to say that I don’t want to commit to always presenting the check-in this fulsome or doing as many art journal pages. But this week at least this is what was produced. All of the pages have been done in an altered book, I thought it would be nice when I have finished this challenge to have everything altogether.

First of all the contract, I modified it a bit to include my pledge that I have made here…so there was a reason for going to law school after all!! haha

Artist's Way Contract

I also made a little star chart to add to my motivation. You can’t see on the photo but I am painting the stars gold…I love how this looks.

Artist Way star chart

These are the affirmations I have decided to work with, which came out of this week for me. It is weird how vulnerable and exposed I feel sharing these here, so please be kind! These are the results from the blurts I have in my head.


Monster Hall of Fame, the journaling for this, to identify my top monsters was done in the book I am doing my journaling in, and I won’t be sharing details, but I did come up with little representative sketches of my top monsters. I have left room for more monsters to be added as they may or may not come up, or there may come some later journaling as I progress through the course.

Monster Hall of Fame

Monster Hall of fame close up

Monster Hall of Fame close up

Hall of Champions: This was interesting, I had such a hard time deciding on OLD champions, I had plenty of more recent ones come to mind, but during my journaling I finally settled on my top three. While I was doing the sketches, two of them morphed into different people entirely, that I hadn’t even journaled about, but they felt much more right than the people I had originally chosen. I found it interesting at least, the things that bubble away in our subconscious waiting to be dragged to the surface. Again there is plenty of room for more people as I progress through the weeks.

Hall of Champions

Hall of champions close up

My imaginary lives: I selected five occupations I would love to have. I know from doing this before that this page will get added to. These are all things I would love to do, if I had the opportunity.

Imaginary lives

In amongst the tasks this week were a couple of letters to be written, so I decided to do a postal box and pop the letters on the page so they are altogether.

Post box

Post box with the envelope open

For my Artist Date this week I went to this. I love and adore Ralph Hotere and have always loved the work of Charles Goldie, so it was such a fantastic opportunity. The work of Bill Hammond completely captured me. It was beautiful, and really touched me, I have seen images before, but I can’t remember seeing anything in person, and in person the works are spectacular.

Some quotes that came out of this week for me:

Very often audacity, not talent, makes one person an artist and another a shadow artist – hiding in the shadows.
~ Julia Cameron

Judging your early artistic efforts is artist abuse….Progress not perfection is what we should be asking of ourselves.” ~ Julia Cameron

Overall I got a lot more out of this week than I intended to, and I had some helpful insights that took me by surprise. My responses felt a lot more honest, than they have in the past, and I don’t know if that is a result of other work I have done and knowing myself better, or having dealt with issues that came up in other attempts, but I hope that continues!


10 thoughts on “Week 1 Artist’s Way Challenge Check-in

  1. hey sweets! I am so proud of you!!! I am always starting things and not finishing them! OVER and OVER….you are doing so great! And look at what you were inspired to create! I love love love love the mail box and little folder envelope! So wonderful! and the affirmations….touched something inside of me! I think I will do an affirmation page…it sounds like a good healthy excersise! Any rules that you went by for creating it? keep it going! And just think about what you will end up creating and learning from this coming week!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    • Thank you!! I think I am the queen of not finishing things. :) The affirmations came to me as I wrote down a positive affirmation, and all the bad things I heard in my head, I wrote down as a positive affirmations. Clearly things I need to work on right now!!

  2. Natasha, I’m loving your enthusiasm for finishing the book and the exercises. And the distinct texture under your painting really brings such an interesting look and feel to your pages, especially the little paintings in frames. I love those! Cheers to you for a magical week past and another ahead!

  3. This is amazing! You should be very proud of yourself! You went through and are still going through a lot doing this! Very powerful and emotional!!! I love what you have created!

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