Stepping into the darkness

Card #3/52 Cards

The journaling reads: We have the power to stop conducting the stories that are going around our heads and are getting lots of airtime. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath – face the facts and only the facts. Feel the feelings that are making themselves known, without feeding more context into our stories than what the facts tell us. Be brave and step into the darkness – the facts are the truth – the light.

It has had moments of been one of those weeks, but once I unravelled the stories and said them out loud, I could see all the layers I was adding to the actual facts of the situation.

Taking the time to feel sadness, and admit vulnerabilities helped me stop the loop track in my head. The facts did not lead to the conclusion I had made them fit without adding my own special context lenses! Sometimes we need to step back, and take a deep breath.  I do at least!!  :)


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