Rocking my world this week…


Linking into Virginia’s link up where we record the moments that rocked our weeks.  The few moments of reflection on what rocks our week, is a useful recording exercise I have found and reminds me of how blessed I am up to my knees in laundry!!  :)

Over the weekend I caught up with two good friends and we saw the movie Anna Karenina.  OH MY GOSH.  Spectacularly breathtaking.  I had not read the book, (though it has been on my to read pile for a long time so I have now taken it off the book shelves), and so did not know what was going to happen which I am pleased about because the whole movie was magical to me.  It was so cleverly done, one of those movies that remains with you.  Here is a little clip of how the movie was made…

Such a magical movie.

We went to the beach over the weekend which was lovely and refreshing, making the most of this glorious weather (although now we are having country wide water shortages, I am now wanting some rain to appear!).

Summer Sunday afternoons.
Practicing with her mask so she can join the boys next year on their adventures.
Making sand sculptures.
Back from adventuring.I had a wonderful Skype call with an art friend that left me delightfully inspired. :)

I have committed to reading ‘The Artist’s Way’ this week, and I am so pleased to announce that no money will be sent out this week at least!  What also rocked my world was despite the fact I have read the first chapter of that book so many times, I was pleasantly surprised to get new things out of it, I don’t know if that was representative of my new found motivation but in any event I felt very grateful.

I also had another long talk with a friend this week about life in general and talking to her helped put a lot of things in perspective for me (a theme this week seems to involve friends and talking!!).

I am also very grateful for my Beloved finding out about an art exhibition that I would love to see that is on over the weekend.  I had no idea it was on, and it completely isn’t his cup of tea, so I always feel so loved and seen by him when he discovers these things for us to go to.

I am also very grateful for all of you that leave comments and connect with me.  Your words really touch me and fill me up, and I have so much gratitude for you all.  I get so excited getting comments and feedback.  So thank you for helping make all my weeks rock!

Life has been ticking along nicely (touch wood!), and I am very grateful for all of it! This week in particular I am grateful for all my connections.


6 thoughts on “Rocking my world this week…

  1. You have had a wonderful week ;o) I love all the pictures ;o) I have never seen the movie Anna Karenina! Truly looks magical! Have a great time at the art exhibition, if you go ;o) Yeh, for you, not having to send out any money this week! LOL! Take Care and keep on smiling ;o)

  2. So envioud of your gorgeous sea pictures we are still suffering snow. Your list is fab and yes its definitely the small things that help.when life is being hard work. Hope the art exhibition is good. Hugs

  3. Oh, you’ve got sand and sea and flippers and snorkels and sand castles and swimming costumes and SUNSHINE, aaaarrrggghhhhh!!! I so wish I’d seen Anna Karenina now, when it wsas being shown near to me. I’ll have to wait for the dvd now, it looks beautiful and, as you say, magical.

    Have a great week!

  4. Am sat here shivering – contemplating putting the heating on. WHERE IS SPRING ALREADY??

    I was only going to watch a few seconds of that clip – watched the whole thing! How have I not seen this one advertised? It looks wondrous! I think watching it would give the same feeling as I get when watching Amelie (which isn’t often enough as my lot aren’t fans of subtitles!)

    I so loved reading this. Going to catch up on your other posts now. I have been a stranger in Blogland the last couple of weeks. I will be watching your use of The Artists Way with interest. I’ve been recommended it before but then other people have told me it’s quite religious which put me off..

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