Grand declarations and putting my money where my mouth is…

The Artist’s Way.

By Julia Cameron, of course!! :)

Ugh.  I have tried and tried to read that book.  And I have never gotten past Chapters 4 or 5.  Never!

I don’t know what it is, if it is that it is not a book that I should read, or I have some resistance to some important lessons, but in any event, I have never finished it.  I wish I could just put that aside, but for some reason I can’t.  It feels like a shadow hovering behind me.  Like a book I need to read, and finish.  So I am going to pick the thing up and read it again.  Starting today.

I am going to finish it.  This time will be different.  I have a plan.  :)  I had an idea on my walk/jog this morning, which may, or may not have being induced by a lack of oxygen to my brain!!

I have tried going this alone.  I have tried doing it in this group.  I have tried making declarations on this blog.  But I have not EVER gotten past chapter 4 or 5.

I know Morning Pages work for me (though I have done them only once in the last month, they do make me so much more productive), but reading the book and consistent scheduled Artist’s Dates…my commitment wanes.

So I am turning to the readers of this blog to be my accountability circle.  Each week I will post on here how I am doing.  Until the book is over.  Good or bad, I want the book done.  This year.  This is my year of The Artist’s Way (as well as the year of the snake…like me!! (so easily distracted!) :)).

IF I don’t post for two weeks on The Artist’s Way (I am giving myself a life-grace period in case something unforeseen happens to me, my beloved or the children) then send me a wordy brick through the computer telling me I am overdue for posting.  ALSO tell me to send you NZ$10.  Yes.  That is my commitment to getting this freaking book done and off my ‘To read’ pile.  One way or the other, whether I think the book is useful in the end or not.  I WILL GET THIS BOOK FINISHED!  If I don’t post on the Artist’s Way for more than two weeks, and you tell me,  I will send you money.

Now, I don’t have a lot of money.  I certainly don’t have enough money to be mailing all around the show, so this HUGE, HUGE declaration on my part will hopefully be enough accountability that I will keep with it, and finish it.  Otherwise I will be in big trouble.

So this is my declaration today.  Posted before I can find some pretty art to put at the top, and more importantly posted before I can change my mind.  Now to find the book on my shelves and dust it off!!

I don’t intend to stumble at the first hurdle!  :)


16 thoughts on “Grand declarations and putting my money where my mouth is…

  1. I’ve got back to writing morning pages as well because it works. It was every day, then every few days, then maybe once a week . . . you know what it’s like? Actually my blog has been like that too but I blame that on the day-job. I’ll join you in a pledge . . . blogging now!

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  3. Or…you could lend it to me to read first…and then you don’t have to read it til I send it back….and I promise to take good care of it *wink wink*…and not let it get lost in the post *wink wink* :D XXX

  4. Ah I’m doing an ARC (Artist’s Reading Challenge) with Darcy this year, for similar reasons – part read (or mainly none started) books! I will read with interest where you are up to on this one!

  5. After I read Artist Way (a long time ago), I kept kicking my butt for not doing all the things she recommended. Then I had a zing! moment – this is my life, I can pick and choose which things I want to do and how often I want to do them.

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  7. Me too, I have read it through three times now and it is a very valuable book. I still think of pages and quotes now.. I just cannot write things down unless I burn the pages after…..Maybe I am too british

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