Rocking my world this week

RYWRemembering all the positives from this week with Virginia over at Celtic House.

I sit here on Saturday lunchtime, and the rest of the family has gone to a birthday party at the local pools.  Victoria is attending, and my Beloved and Sebastian are planning on just swimming.  I am so beyond grateful for a peaceful house.  The place is a mess, and shortly I will need to tidy it, but I am grateful my beloved did not insist that I go as well, and already I can feel peace descending on me.  I think the children have being arguing since they finished school yesterday, so the quiet is delightful.

Earlier in the week I spoke to Victoria’s teacher and she is doing really well at school.  She was assessed the day before as having a reading age 2.5 years ahead of her age, and was about to be moved into the top maths group, so I am very proud of the effort she is putting in.  Her motivation according to her that she wants to beat her brother, so whatever works I say, I just hope it continues.

Journal snippet. #10minjp

I have been very inspired this past week and working on a few different journal pages, and have even started a book inspired completely from Julie Prichard’s class Mixed Media Variety Hour.  She had some beautiful looking books, with all sorts of lovely papers at different sizes, but I know that I prefer blank pages, I get blocked starting with fancy patterned pages.  So I hadn’t done it.  But then I thought I could use mainly plain paper, it didn’t have to be all fancy (which was obvious, and when I rewatched the videos she even said she was going to do that with another book for the same reason…selective hearing clearly!).

Binding a new book with lots of different papers. #bookbinding

And this week I began putting the pages together.  I did put in a few scrapbooking papers, and also some vellum and other paper I had, just for contrast, and I thought it might be useful for idea sparking and experimenting, but mostly plain cardstock, in cream white and black.  I am very excited.  It came together beautifully and I love flicking through it.  I had nothing I wanted to use for the cover though so I have painted some fabric to cover the book boards and my plan once I have tidied today is to put the rest of the book together which is exciting.  I have things to go in it already!  :)

I am grateful for online connections.  I don’t think that these connections we make online can be underestimated in the positive influence they can have on our lives.  I am very fortunate that I have connected with some wonderful genuine people and I am truly grateful for that.

Kelly Kilmer has been running a little series this week on journaling for 10 minutes a day (the last post is here).  I decided to participate in the little challenge she set and I have been really grateful.  Sometimes I have had more than one ten minute period to give to a page, but it all adds up in the end.  I was especially grateful for this last night when the children finally went to bed (still fighting) and I sank into the couch, only to remember that I hadn’t done the challenge for that day.

I thought about not doing it and then decided to just set the timer for ten minutes and whatever was done, was done.  I grabbed a few images and this is a snippet from where the page was left when the timer went off.  I am so grateful for the challenge and how appropriate the end result felt for last night.  I am also trying to experiment with collage more, it scares me a little, I am so much more comfortable with paint, so this is a good challenge to push me out of my comfort zone a little as well.

Art journal snippet. #10minjp

I was talking to one of the mothers at the school earlier in the week and she mentioned she was in a private facebook group one of the other mothers was taking that was doing a 12 (plus) week fitness and health challenge.  So I am now participating, and it is really good motivation.  I have come in at week 6, and so the exercises (lunges, squats, star jumps, wall squats and leg raises etc) have felt akin to torture, and I am SO sore right now, but combined with all the walking I am doing, I feel really good about the positive steps I am taking.

I am also grateful for the weather gods.  This summer has been more glorious than any I can remember.  I can’t even remember the last time we had rain (though looking outside that may be today!), and it has been so good for my soul!

I have also signed up to Hanna’s postcard swap over here, which will lead to plenty of happy mail art so I am excited about that as well.  :)

I think that is it.  I am sure I have missed something, but I have a house to tidy, and a book to finish before the rest of the family return home and I also fancy a nice cup of tea in the peace and quiet.

Wishing you all rocking weeks.


5 thoughts on “Rocking my world this week

  1. Oh I’m so glad you managed some quiet time, sometimes that is what is needed, silence to quieten the environment and open the brain, bliss. The things that have motivated you and have ‘rocked’ your week are fantastic, making those links on line with friends, acquaintances etc – I never underestimate them they are precious and often come into life just at the right moment! Your daughter sounds like she is doing great at school and like you said whatever the motivation – 2.5 years above is fantastic!

    We unfortunately are still in winter in Yorkshire, we had one blue skies day last Saturday and it was a joy to behold but this week has been grey, overcast and foggy and we wake to much the same today although there is also a threat of snow which given how much disruption we’ve already had this Winter we can probably do without, so enjoy those beautiful summer days and if you get chance – send some over here!

    I hope your weekend proves, calmer and quieter with few arguments in the background, time to create spend time with loved ones and provide the start of rocking moments this week.

    Much love

  2. You are a busy girl! I hope you were able to have your cup of tea, in the nice and quiet ;o) So happy for Victoria! Good for her! She should be very proud! Your dreaming journal page is beautiful! Love the words! Can’t wait to see your book ;o) Hope you got the house cleaned ;o)

  3. hey sweets!! love reading your blog! have been feeling a bit uninspired as of late! But just looking at yours and hearing about what you are doing is giving me a little spark!! thanks!!!

  4. Wow – I’ve missed loads and loads. And all GOOD stuff. Loved reading this. Much as I hate the heat of summer I am so wanting a bit of warmth right now. This winter seems to have gone on forever.

    Love your peace and quiet time. Love your 10 minutes a day (I have said something similar to Craig recently.) ,Love it all.

    I very much agree about online connections. I can say hand on heart that most of my best friends live on the opposite side of a screen.

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