The new me…seeing yellow!

This morning I saw that Kelly Kilmer had a ten minute art making challenge, so I decided to jump in, because in between the cleaning that took place all day preparing for my mother in law to visit (because last week during birthday preparations housework was my last priority!), I was pretty sure I could find ten minutes.

The new me

As I was tidying up bits and pieces and putting stuff away in one of my ephemera boxes (AKA hoarders box), I had a quick look and grabbed a few things to stick on to a page later.  Literally within a minute or 2 I grabbed a handful of things that grabbed me, no real thinking involved.

Once my mother in law had gone, I began gluing things on to the page.  I then grabbed my yellow stabilo woody pencil and scribbled around the page a bit.  Just because I saw yellow.  The words “Seeing the new me” didn’t mean anything more than I grabbed them at some stage and stuck them in the box and then this afternoon I was drawn enough to use them.  My ten minutes was used up with the pencil.

After the glue was dry I added the masking tape.  The journaling reads:

“Is a schizophrenic explosion of yellow the new me?  What does yellow mean? Chakra – yellow often indicates warm and playful intelligence, and generally cheerful personality.  A spiritually inspired person or someone experiencing spiritual awakening.  A person with a playful spirit that will act on your thoughts”

Clearly I turned to google with my second question and quickly jotted down what I read. :)

Page done and only slightly out of ten minutes if you count the journaling.


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