Happy Birthday to my magical girl

My baby's last day of being 5. #celebratingwithbubbles

This girl of mine makes me breathless with awe often. She is so like me that sometimes it scares me, so quick to fire up and attack when tired or scared, and yet the biggest, empathic, compassionate and sensitive soul. Who wears her vulnerability on the outside, even if not everyone can see it, or respect it. This girl of mine turned six today, and I am still captured by her wild gypsy spirit, in wonder, awe and exasperation.

This girl who has a style all of her own, but is relaxed about measuring up to other people’s standards (just this morning she told me she didn’t have to brush her hair this morning, because she brushed it well yesterday…as I was admiring the birdnest dreadlocks that were forming!). She has a belly laugh that she thankfully laughs often that captures people in her net, and she is easily distracted but the little wonderments of life. She tends to joy quite freely and bravely. She teaches me lessons everyday (whether I want them or not!) and inspires me to be the Mum that she needs, the Mum I wish I had had.

Life is never dull with Victoria Ann Josephine and I hope she always knows how much her Mama loves her.

Proudly wearing her classroom's birthday hat. She has been waiting for this moment for a while. #sixtoday


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