Rocking my world this Sunday!


I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!!  :)  Facilitated by the lovely Virginia, recording the postive gains on the week reminds us all of our blessings.

On Friday I mentioned I was bogged down with Victoria’s party stuff.  Her party was yesterday and went stunningly well.  So well I did not end up taking any photos which is most unlike me!  She had a mix of boys and girls at her party.  Initially I did clarify with here whether she actually played with all the people she was inviting and this was not just a list of names from people she remembered in her class!  But she assured me she played with all of them, and watching them play yesterday you could see they were all used to playing together.

I think back to when my son was 6, and he would not have thought about inviting any girls to his party.  But she has gone to another party today, one of the boys who was there yesterday, it is so wonderful to see all the children get a long so well together.

I did have plans to do this post yesterday when I got home, but I was so spent by the time I got home that I managed to do very little.  After thinking and planning this party in my head for a very long time it seems, once it was all done my brain turned completely to mush.

I did take one photo, I just remembered, I made this frog to be pin the fly on the frogs tongue, and I loved how it looked when all the kids had placed their flies on the frog that I did quickly snap a picture!


She had simple demands for a cake…”just a lot of chocolate”, so her wish was granted!  There was indeed a lot of chocolate on this cake!  I found the cutest little ladybirds, though I did think they were candles when I bought them.  Had I realised I am not sure I would still have bought them, but they were perfect on the tree stump!

The birthday cake for Miss Nearly Six with a lot of chocolate as per her request!

The cutest cake toppers!

Victoria was very happy!  She even wrote me a note on the way home, though she was so tired she forgot the last two letters of her name.  :)

Victoria wrote me this note on the way home after her birthday party. She was so tired she didn't even manage the last 2 letters on her name!

In other news my Double Take #2 with Tammy from Daisy Yellow went live this week.  It has been so enjoyable for us we have decided to do it again which is exciting!

I am still walking up a storm, I am sure my behind is this close to shrinking….it feels that way anyway!!

I read Danny Gregory’s book this week “A Kiss before you go“, a memoir to his wife who died in an awful accident. It was so poignant and made me cry, and there is such a vibrancy and rawness to his illustrations in this book.  The writing changes and you can see the bits that were raw to him at the time of writing.  Possibly the hardest bit to read was the bit that covered when he found out his wife had died.  He didn’t overplay it at all and I suspect some of my emotion was because I knew it was coming.  So touching and brave, a beautiful book.

I am sure there have been plenty more blessings in my life this week, but really my brain is still a little mush on this Sunday afternoon (which still isn’t raining), and the most important things I am grateful for this week are that it didn’t rain on Victoria’s picnic yesterday and that she had a good time.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic week!  :)

Today is the last day my baby is five, and she is on her way home so I want to quickly finish a couple of things up so I can get in some quality snuggles with my five year old before tomorrow happens.

Although…it may already be too late, if reports are true.  She woke me up at 1:30 AM (!) the other MORNING to tell me she felt like she had already turned 6 early, her body was feeling like a 6 year old body, not a 5 year old body.  Suggesting that perhaps she could also get some presents early as well.  The genius of this plan was defeated greatly by her sense of timing which leaves much to be desired, and her mothers strong desire for sleep!


5 thoughts on “Rocking my world this Sunday!

  1. Oh what a lovely post, the party looks amazing I love love love the cake and those ladybirds are simply fabulous! The pin the fly on the frog another fantastic addition! the book you read sounds really sad, don’t know whether I could cope with something so raw at the minute. I hope Victoria has a beautiful birthday, with a fabulous party that’s she’s had I’m sure it will be something she remembers and how sweet that she wrote you a letter!

    May this week be beautiful and blessed for you and your beautiful family.

    Much love

  2. I totally forgot to link up which means I totally forgot to visit people! aaargh!

    I love this post and can only hope my Ruby and your Victor(ia) never meet up – their deviousness would know no bounds :) That cake looks AMAZING! *drool* and I love the frog – I’m so glad you got a piccie of that!

    Yes – I take ages writing my posts. My recent one for this months book review (I’ll be posting tomorrow now) has taken days I tell you. DAYS! I’m so sure I am going to get flamed for it too :( It’s such a popular book… but I just didn’t get on with it.

  3. Gorgeous cake! That note is just lovely. I adore littlies writing and it is so special to keep. I have kept loads of little notes and things from my two. I also scan them and print teeny to put on scrapbook layouts. Thanks for visiting me and for being so uplifting. Have a great week, jenx

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