My 52 cards – Starting and going

Week 1/52

Last week I read this post by Teresa (who I adore) where she spoke about doing a card a week to record “the keywords, colors and or lessons of each week; and create a visual mile marker of each week’s lessons}”.

This seemed like a fabulous idea to me, a set weekly check in.  And so during the week I picked up some cards.

This is my first card for this week.

The papers and fabric were out in front of me.  The dots (paper and fabric) came from Victoria’s party planning which seemed appropriate given that is where a lot of energy went this week.  The brown paper came from one of my art journal pages, and the flowers are a scrap I had in front of me, that actually as I look up from the computer I notice they are the same colours as the flowers my beloved bought for me (which he never usually does!).

So all appropriate.  I looked and looked for a word, and all I could find that I was called to was going.  I did keep looking but nothing else felt right.

As I sit here processing and writing it does feel like this week was about going.  Going and going.  Organising party stuff, making sure the endless lists that I have been writing in my head were translated into one single moment.  Keeping up with the other commitments from this week, even if by the skin of my teeth.  So maybe going is appropriate, but I was a little disappointed, if I am honest, that I was not wordier or wisely profound.  :)

Though on this Sunday where I feel my brain has turned a little mushy now I can stop thinking about Victoria’s birthday party, maybe it was my mind that was going! :) Leaking out through the arches!!  Feels a bit that way at the moment.


4 thoughts on “My 52 cards – Starting and going

  1. First of all, your blog header is stunning! Beautiful! Secondly, the 52 cards seems like a great way to artfully record your year. And you have made a great start! Looking forward to watching your year unfold!

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