Birthday celebrations approaching

I believe what my body is telling me

This week has been taken up with birthday picnic planning for my Victoria who is about to turn 6!  How has that happened so fast???

I had visions of an old-fashioned picnic with bunting between trees, Jamie Oliver’s DIY truffles, and homebaked goodies.  Earlier in the week my beloved informed me the weather which has until now been glorious, was meant to turn and the weather would be rubbish.  After moments of panic I figured out a Plan B and prayed to our grandmothers.  The power of the Nanas has worked and the weather is meant to be better than originally forecast, though if you could still cross your fingers for Victoria I would be most grateful!  :)

And I will get back to icing cupcakes and her birthday cake (her only request was that there be lots of chocolate on it!), and baking cheese straws and cookies.

These were her invites (which I spent a ridiculous amount of time on considering that they will most likely be thrown out!).
Birthday invites for Miss 5's birthday complete!

After I couldn’t find the vintage flower fabric that was in my head for the bunting, I settled on pink polka dots that will match the paper I used in her invites!!

Sewing bunting for Miss Five's birthday picnic tomorrow.

The birthday countdown calendar has helped build up her excitement!

Miss 5's birthday countdown begins today...In between I have managed to get a bit of paint out and have finished the page above.  It felt like a message when I found “I believe what my body is telling me” in the text.

The laundry is a bit behind though!  Priorities! :)


4 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations approaching

  1. You go mama! Wowsers you had a lot going on this week! I hope that it all turns out beautiful for you and your little Girly! The bunting is so darling! Love the pink polka dots! It is so funny that you posted a black background page….I picked up black paint today but wasn’t brave enough to use it. But I see yours and it has given me inspiration and courage to do it! Trying to push myself past my comfortable pinks, purples and blues. Thanks for the push to do so! Will tell ya how it comes out! Happy birthday Victoria!

  2. Oh the bunting looks fabulous and those invites are simply gorgeous and I can imagine took a huge amount of work and I love love love the birthday countdown!

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