Double Take #2

Last week we saw the unveiling of Double take #1 where Tammy and I created pages with the same ephemera and art supplies that she sent.  This week we are showing the pages using the ephemera that I sent.  To see the package I sent, the gorgeous and much better organised Tammy has taken a photo, that you can see on her post here where she is unveiling her pages.

Last week, the best part of this for me was seeing what Tammy did.  INCREDIBLE.  It felt like magic, and was so amazing to me that from the same products you can produce such different pages.  This was one of the objectives of the exercise, but the magic of seeing it, was really exciting, and I am really looking forward to seeing Tammy’s pages this week.

Last year I was going through my art journal pages and realised I did not use a lot of “earthy colours”, which was something I wanted to challenge myself to use more.  I tend to turquoise and teal, magenta and reds, bold jewel tones and then the contemplative payne’s gray and nickle azo gold.  But no earth tones really. After I assembled my little package for this project I realised there were very earthy colours in the mix, which was not my intention at the outset.  I was going to change the package contents, because I know that Tammy does not tend to the earthy colour palette either, but I decided to stick with my first choice.

I also added in a few self-adhesive jewels that matched the pink in the scrapbooking paper, because I have had them for ages, and never used them.  I thought it would be interesting to see how each of us integrated those into a page.  I didn’t hear any screeching from the other side of the world, or get any emails asking me what on earth I was thinking, so I assume Tammy was okay with the unintentional challenge within the challenge.  :)

Double Take #2I began by drawing some lines with my Neocolors, and then collaged on strips of book text and some scrapbooking paper.  I added in a bit of paint.  But still wasn’t really sure where I was going.  I had included some coffee dyed muslin in the package, and while I was playing with it I discovered the threads could be manipulated a lot, so I played with it a bit and created some gaps before I glued it down.

As I was considering what to do with the saintly women, I saw them in a rough temple like structure, standing guard over our souls, so I added that. I then saw a bird carrying the other birds so  I added a cage over two of the birds. Then the journaling.  This page had no clear direction as I was doing it, but I love the way it came out in the end.  I really, really like the graphite lines.  After a bit of white paint splatter the page felt finished.

I was clearly in a very reflective mood when I was journaling :) It reads:

Sometimes I just want to stop aspiring to be worthy and just be me, to let go and trust that another will be there so I don’t fall too far or hard.  Sometimes I am not worthy.

So that is my Chapter 18.  I am looking forward to seeing Tammy’s page!!!  Check it out here.

Also…I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I feel that there is a very good likelihood that this challenge is going to repeated!  :)


9 thoughts on “Double Take #2

  1. So I am sitting here with my mind in disarray, completely amazed at your work. I love, love, love the way the layers look like silky curtains on the left, a backdrop to the birds. It seems that we were both stretched and used new and fresh earthy colors to pull together the ephemera. Gorgeous work, Natasha. I too was intrigued by the stained fabric and enjoyed the texture that it added to the page. And indeed, the first thing I said when I saw the gems was… well… let’s just say I was befuddled. I did see it as a challenge.

  2. GASP…. that’s what I did when I saw your page! ;) Seriously – I love it! Amazing what can be achieved with the same material. I’m very intrigued by this idea…

  3. It was pure pleasure to see how you two talented ladies tackled this challenge (cool idea BTW!)…love the results! I’d say earth tones suit you just fine!
    PS…Big thanks for taking the time to vist & comment on my blog…it is deeply appreciated!

  4. Natasha, this is amazing! I love the earth tones! I am starting to use more of those colors too! Something I don’t use a lot either! I love Mother Theresa! Your pages are stunning and so meaningful!

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