Rocking my world this week….

RYWI am once again signing up to Virginia‘s “Rocking your World Friday“.  It has been a while and I feel a little bit sheepish about coming back after my long absence but here I am!  :)

There are a lot of things rocking my world this week!

Victoria has moved up a reading group and now has pages of words, which is exciting, though the books now take a whole lot longer to read.

Miss 5 has moved up a reading group. There is a whole lot more words in this book!

This is contrasted with her last weeks maths test, where she was so excited by writing a “grown up” date for the first time, have to rewrite it until it was perfect that she only answered 11 out of 60 questions! Though she did get all those 11 right. She came skipping out of class, waving her book in the air so proud of that date. This week she doubled her score so things are going in the right direction!! :)

The first time she wrote a "grown-up" date, which brought her a whole lot of excitement and joy.

I have walked nearly 30kms in the last 5 days and my bottom feels it (I wish it showed it as well!), and I am feeling very happy with myself. :)

The children’s school had a picnic dinner invitation/meet the teacher and other family evening this week. I was not sure about going, but it was a really good evening and I am glad we made the effort.

I have just discovered this website, Ephemeral Gecko (I adore the name!!), and the work is INCREDIBLE! I was completely inspired and in love. Amazing.

Last year I signed up to Connie Hozvicka‘s Deep workshop, and for numerous reasons it did not end up finishing and was rescheduled for this year. I was grateful because I was not in the headspace for it at the time and felt so disconnected. It has just started back up and there is so much energy in the class and a new format because after this it will go to a self-study course and I am really excited about it. I have repurposed two old canvases that I am going to use, and am completely inspired.

Tammy (from Daisy Yellow) and I worked on a collaborative project where we each sent some ephemera, and then using that ephemera and the same supplies we both created separate journal pages. My first one is here, and Tammy’s is here, and it is absolutely magical to me how different the pages are despite using the same ephemera and materials. I LOVE that.

Last weekend I was on Seth‘s page over here. I completely forgot, and it was so long ago now. I am pleased I said something that I still agree with!! :)

Yesterday somebody told me that my videos on altering a book had helped inspire them to make one for her parents, which was especially precious now that her mother had being diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I have never felt more honoured than I did right then.  She gave me such a gift, and I will remember it always.


Last year’s summer rained a lot! A LOT. You make do I think, but there were times I felt like Summer had passed us by. This year is completely making up for it. There has been so much sun and warmth, I can’t remember a better Summer. This morning was a bit drizzly (very light), but I can’t remember the last day we had rain. We have spent so much time at the beach, reading, swimming and snorkelling (Father Christmas bought snorkelling gear for the children and Sebastian has fallen in love, Victoria is still getting used to her mask and snorkel). These holidays have been magical.

Just to note it down before I forget (and writing about Father Christmas just made me remember!), after Christmas Victoria pointed out to us how lucky we were to have Father Christmas in our lives, because he saved us so much money by buying them stuff. I stopped myself rolling on the ground guffawing and demurely stated how lucky we were!

I have read some really good art books lately that have really inspired me, which is fantastic. There were a few I got that I was a little disappointed by last year, so I have been making more using of the library and suggesting purchases to them (AND THEY SAY YES A LOT!!!!), and I have been really pleasantly surprised. Some of them have even gone on my wishlist because I want my own copy!!

I have also read two of Brené Brown’s books this year and really got a lot out of them and resolved some old stuff and had some epiphanies.

I feel really excited by life and the potential of my life at the moment. Filled with energy and happiness, and I am so, so grateful. The only thing that would make my life more complete right now would be if the laundry fairy could stop off at my house on her way home!! :)


5 thoughts on “Rocking my world this week….

  1. Wow, you have had a lot rocking your world this week! All good stuff! I love the picture on the beach! Yeh for Victoria and all her accomplishments ;o) Thanks for coming by my blog. I didn’t realize all your posts, had went into my spam box! Take Care ;o)

  2. Oh that’s a fabulous post, never ever apologise for any time lapses in Rocking posts, you do them when you feel able and we love to come and visit! Oooh for some sunshine and warmth, we are still in the cold depths of winter with snow forecast for today (again). On the plus side we managed a day out to York yesterday which was lovely! I giggle at the time spent writing the date perfectly – that made me giggle, the lack of concept of time – simply magical – I wish sometimes I had that ability! If you find the laundry fairy send her this way I’m still snowed under! I wish you and your family a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  3. Good ol’ Father Christmas, eh?! That made me laugh!

    I bet you were really moved by the person who let you know how your video had inspired them to make a book for their parents. Wow, that’s amazing.

    Because my name begins with ‘J’ the laundry fairy is due here first, sorry!

    Your ephemera swap with Tammy was interesting, I really enjoyed seeing what you’d both done with the materials given.

    Have a great weekend!


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