Double Take #1

Last year Tammy and I discussed doing a collaborative challenge of some sort with our art journals and we tossed some ideas around over the email waves.  We decided on each of us sending a little package of goodies and the challenge would be to utilise everything or something of everything that was sent.

It will be exciting on this big reveal to see how we each used the same supplies.  Tammy’s page is here.

I was so excited when I got my package that I did not take photos of what she had sent me.  Thankfully Tammy did which you can see here.

I loved, loved, loved what Tammy sent.  The colours were beautiful, and the images were easy to fit into a theme as well.

Double take #1

I began by layering down some of the ephemera, and then I smooshed some paint around.  I did a few lines with my neocolors, still not sure where I was going and then I saw a face.  So I sketched that out with the neocolours and began painting her in. I tried to paint lightly so you could still see the paper, but some inevitably gets covered up.  (I did go to the effort (!!) of scanning the image so you could see better the layers and the bits of paper showing through.

While I was painting her face I saw the fish, and I did my best to ignore it, because I was wanting to show off more of the papers, and under that fish is music text and some of the other papers.

Then I stalled and didn’t know what to do next and so decided to sketch in the fish and see how it looked.  Clearly it looked okay to me because it got filled in!  :)

I did add some more music to the fin though, and you can just make out the notes behind the fish.  Above that is the most amazing tissue paper in the world that I love.  I was also a little sad that got covered up, but in real life you can see it a lot more.

What I love is the map under her face.  I was really careful to keep swiping paint off it so it would come through.  The mapping out of dreams and new pathways seemed very apt for where I was right then.  At the time I was going through a lot of personal reflection and I think you can see that in the image.

I have never used washi tape before.  There was a big part of me that thought kind of it was a waste of money.  Just paint some masking tape.  But Tammy included it, and OH MY GOSH.  It is such a good adhesive and I love the translucency, and strength of it.  I have even begun looking online at the different patterns.  I loved it.  So much more than I though.  I think I could easily become addicted to washi tape.

Tammy also included fabric tape and I love how easy that was to write on.  I then stamped on the stickers and put those little dream butterflies on the side to signify new dreams as she was reflecting on lost dreams.  I also loved how the stamps fell into the theme of lost dreams and mermaids as well.

It is such a storytelling page to me, despite the lack of words.  It may be one of my favourite pages I have done.  Having the challenge of having to fit bits in made me more conscious of what I was doing than I normally am when working in my journal.  I can hardly wait to see what Tammy has done!  :)


10 thoughts on “Double Take #1

  1. When I clicked to see your page, incredibly excited for the big reveal, I gasped. Your page is magical! I love that you used the various items in such a painterly manner, using them to add texture and depth to your painting. Your use of color is so bold, I think this page is wonderful!!!

  2. What a cool project and outcome! I totally love the color scheme on your page…
    BTW – Washi tape – so far I thought the same – another thing that most likely can easily be substituted. It sounds like this is not entirely true ;)
    Have a happy day!
    …and thanks again for commenting on my blog!!!

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  4. Beautiful! Very unique. I have always liked the transparency of washi tape and it makes wonderful edging over a page edge. It is flexible to get great creases and finishes off an edge well.

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