The Mini Sock Knitting Pattern!

Day one: write Father Christmas a letter. I love the way this advent calendar looks on the wall and I can hardly wait for the children to see what activity they are doing each day!!
A little while ago I had a comment asking for the pattern for the mini socks I made for my advent calendar (see here).  The asker was a very close real life friend of mine and I thought she was making fun of me.  Because I am not a knitter.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  My dear friend however is an absolutely amazing knitter and crocheter. She is incredible!!  Her work is amazing.  She was the one who bought me sock knitting needles and then talked me away from the edge of the cliff when I would have a melt down.

I LOVE granny squares, especially crochet ones, (I have seen a cardigan top made with them and it is amazing), but crochet is beyond me.  I just can’t do it, but my amazingly talented friend made me a tea cosy with felted crochet granny squares (!!) that pleases me greatly, even if my big tea pot is now broken and so I can’t use it at the moment.  The woman is amazing.

All this to say that when she asked for the pattern, I thought she was simply taking the piss.  She makes up her own patterns all the time, she is an intimidatingly expert yarn artist (and I am truly not).

Then the dear heart left another comment (with a tone I also want to add! :)), and so I asked her if she was actually been serious or was she just making fun of me, and it turns out she was been serious.

I have finally finished angsting (because I am not an expert) and the pattern is ready.

I really want to preface this by saying that I made 5 different sock patterns during the initial making of the socks.  I hated one of them, but I ended up with a slightly modified pattern of the others where I liked the shape.  Which is the one I used for the other 19.

I didn’t use a pattern in the end, I had some rough notes jotted down, and by the end I had it memorised. I am not a pattern writer.  I didn’t count rows either, you will see in the pattern that twice I say do 15 rows, and actually I sighted it.  If it looked about right then I went on to the next stage of my pattern, but it was about 15 – 16 rows generally for the look I wanted.

All this babbling because I am remarkably nervous about this because I fear people are going to ask what on earth I am doing giving a pattern, when I know next to nothing about knitting.

But I was asked and here it is!

Mini socks knitting pattern

Our countdown wall, the advent activity calendar with my knitted mini socks and my beloved's birthday countdown.

If there are any problems then please let me know.  :)  I am sure at least one person won’t hesitate!!



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