The Millenium Postcard Swap: Phase 2 Complete

Back in December I was contacted by Tammy to see if I would be interested in being involved.  I (obviously!!) said yes, and this is my contribution to the Swap.

Tammy has spent a lot of time facilitating the swap, gaining permission, organising people’s themes and layout options and providing information and I would like to just take a moment to say thank you for all the work she has done on this.  It has been so straightforward to participate with instructions and expectations all made clear.  :)

Here is the first post on the project and Tammy has provided links on her initial inspiration (a swap she found facilitated by Tofu).  She has provided more links in her post and you should definitely check them out!!  :)  The other participants in this swap are Hanna Andersson, Karen Isaccson, Roben-Marie Smith and Michelle Remy.

Here is my contribution to the swap:

My card: Theme: Ocean
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Ocean

As sometimes happens, I started painting this strip for another theme, and then it did not go as I saw it in my head, so I decided to just keep on playing and grabbed a few other colours and then I saw the ocean in the colours, and my piece was done!  Completely not my intention but I love the colours.

Tammy’s card: Theme: Happiness
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Happiness

Happiness to me is acrylics and painting, and so I began with that, and then I thought to add in a rainbow, because they are happy making all by themselves.  I wasn’t sure if this was going to make it to Tammy’s card or not, or if it was going to be just some painted paper for my art journal, but when I found that book text I thought it fitted perfectly!  :) (I may or may not have done a little dance of excitement at the perfectness…)

Hanna’s card: Theme Pink
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Pink

I started with my pink dot paper and then added in some paint, and doodled with my neocolors.  I was not loving this and then thought I would grab some other pink paper and punch out some circles and I liked how they looked.  After I added the pen lines and found the book text I felt finished.  :)

Karen’s card: Theme: Orange Monochromatic
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Orange Monochromatic

I started off painting an old recipe book with some different shades of orange.  When I found a section I liked I cut out the shape and then the internal triangles.  I then doodled with my neocolors and woody pencils and added some dots.  I wasn’t loving it however, and then I thought I would have a look through my stash of book text.  I found Hanna’s and Tammy’s book text even though I wasn’t looking, but couldn’t find anything I loved for Karen’s card.

Then I found “erring priest” which intrigued me so I put it aside, in my “maybe pile” and then a few pages later and I found “bawling lustily”.  I loved those two phrases together, they delighted me ridiculously, and they felt orange in some way that I will never be able to explain, so I used them.

Roben-Marie’s card: Theme: Circles, dots and doodles
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Circles, dots and doodles

When I was making my Christmas bunting I painted and doodled on some canvas to cut out my letters for the burlap flags.  I pulled out the piece of material I had left to see if there was a bit that would fit on a little square and work.  I liked the barebones of this piece so cut it out and stuck it on and added on some more doodles and paint.

Michelle’s card: Theme: Wonderland
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Ocean

For this theme I decided to go with creating the feeling of a magical fantasy kind of card.  I smooshed a heavy layer of paint and let that dry.  I then added in some twinkling H2os, and mica pigments and I love how it came out.  It has sunk into the crevices beautifully and glows in person.

Tofu’s card: Theme Trees and leaves:
Millenium Mail Art Swap 2013: Trees and leavesI began this tree and it was going to be a bare winter skeleton tree and then I saw some green gift wrap I saved from my birthday and thought I would cut some leaves from that to glue on.  When I began cutting I realised it was plastic and that it might melt under my heat gun so I try it and it worked!!  I love the texture from the melted plastic, I then added on some acrylic paint and twinkling h2os.

I had so much fun with these cards.  Now all these cards are all packaged up and on the way to Sweden, for Hanna to complete the next phase.  :)



12 thoughts on “The Millenium Postcard Swap: Phase 2 Complete

  1. Natasha, I LOVE the cards! They are better than I had ever imagined. I am so psyched about this project! The way you interpreted the theme on each card is brilliant. I adore the rainbow drips on the happiness card, and every single card looks magical. You speak the language of paint.

  2. Awesome awesome awesome – nothing else to add ;)
    Seriously – I love your additions to the cards and I’m very curious to follow the progress.
    Cheers! (Greetings from Sweden – same town where the cards will head next ;))

  3. Hi Natasha, yes I will be biting my nails in anticipation to get these lovely cards and then I will have a hard time sending them off again because I want to keep all of them! Oh what fun! Thanks for posting images & fun descriptions of your process with each card, I got a kick out of seeing all of them!

    I’ll let you know when they arrive! :-)

  4. unbelievably cool and amazingly beautiful. erring priest bawling lustily is hilarious. I liked hearing about your process and decision making. It’s going to be so hard to wait my turn!

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