Saying goodbye to ‘Open’ and introducing ‘Connections’.


I have had a word of the year for the last few years.  Words that have come to me quite organically, while I was reading something or writing and the word of the year would appear for me.  Transform, or Bravery or Open.

The words really do seem to lead me on a journey.  They do become guiding words, and seem to dictate their own journeys, wholly independent of any expectations of what I think the word may mean.

At the start of last year when thinking about “open” I had no idea what that was going to mean.  I had some grandioise ideas about opening up on this blog, opening up doors, new opportunites and pathways, being open to new things and opening myself up.  I had no idea of the extent of the opening that would take place.  None.

Where entire relationships I have with my some members of my family of origin were opened up, and some unhealthy relationships were excised as it felt like I was opened and excavated.  Where I got to reassess the truth of some of my relationships, re-evaluate what they meant and what my own boundaries are going forward.  Where I thought relationships were one thing and with the benefit of some light shining and truth I saw them for what they were, and the people for who they really are as well.

A big year you could say.  And while new things did open up for me, think interview with Tammy…oh my gosh, how honoured I was.  And guest posts and conversations that thrilled me.  Meeting someone I had “met” online in real life.  The joy of connection and being open to new connections.

So “open” was a big word for me, much bigger than I had ever imagined.  As always happens though, on the other side I do feel that all of it was the best thing in the world to have happened.  There is such a peace in my life right now and I am so grateful to have it.  And grateful that the things that needed to go went as well, as much as that was hard at the time.  Heartbreakingly, sobbingly hard sometimes.

I have had a hard time finding a word for this year.  I journalled, and thought and contemplated.  Over and over.  But no word fell out at me.  No word “felt” right.  Then January 1 was upon us and I still had no word.  So I stopped fretting and decided to stop actively looking and wondering about it and let it make itself known sometime in January.  And then while I was journaling about my intentions and dreams and wishes for this year, I wrote the line “My word for this year is CONNECTION”.  Out of no where and in the middle of journaling about something else entirely.

But it felt right.  After all the opening I had done of my life and myself last year, making connections seems the next logical step.  Making connections to myself, and with others, and in a business/career context.  Connecting here.  Connecting elsewhere.  Making connections.  Celebrating connection.

And just like that I had a word for this year.  A word that excited me and seemed full of power.  I also felt the irony when all the computers in this house went down within the space of a couple of days, and I lost a lot of information when my computer had to be restored to factory settings. I felt the very opposite of connected!! :)

I look forward to the journey this new word takes me on this year and the new adventures that await.  :)


8 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to ‘Open’ and introducing ‘Connections’.

  1. A bless, finding a word is sometime so hard, mine this year is reclaim, we will see where it takes me, I too have grand ideas of what I’m expecting, but in amongst it I’m sure I’m going to find other things – it should prove interesting! How cool that your word just came to you, may you get more connections that are positive and less of the none working computer variety.


  2. An excellent post! Last year was very hard for me. I have learned a lot and it’s going to really affect me this year and for the rest of my life. I wish you all the best! We have to smile everyday and make the most out of life. Everything happens for a reason and it’s what we do with what we are given, that will make the difference ;o)

  3. what a lovely post, and isn’t it interesting the way things come to us when we stop trying so hard. Wishing you a year of strong, meaningful connections!

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