Places that I want to go

I have had this post half written for a month.  I don’t know where time has gone.  Sucked into the vortex of depression I imagine.  So much so that appointments have been made with doctors and happy pills are on the menu again.  Finally tears and the feelings of alone-ness and uselessness are beginning to abate.  I am back here again to begin sharing the pages I have to share.

And more besides, but small steps!  :)

Tammy and Hanna and Aimee with List it Tuesday have been giving list prompts and I have been working on them each week since they started.  Soul saving sometimes.  The constant to hold on to and keep me plodding along.  But I have not been sharing.  So I have plenty to share now, though I am going to learn how to schedule posts and schedule a new one every few days rather than turning this into a behemoth post that is never ending!!  You may now have a breathe a sigh of relief!  :)

So this is Places that I want to go.  Which was way back here (and is another indication of how many pages I have done and have to share!)

Places that I want to go

I made the background in Tammy’s art journalling class (which is now closed, but keep your eyes peeled for new offerings because both of her classes have been fantastically inspiring) and it sat there unused.  Then when I saw the list prompt I knew exactly what background I was going to use.

So my places that I want to go (and not in any particular order):

  1. India
  2. Italy
  3. UK
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Sweden
  7. USA
  8. Samoa
  9. Rome
  10. China
  11. Thailand
  12. Bali

Another page will be up in a few days…and THREE MORE SLEEPS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!

Today is a good day.


7 thoughts on “Places that I want to go

  1. Oh honey!!! Don’t ever feel so alone….that’s what interweb world is for! If your ever feeling like that again message me on FBook. I know there is a time issue, but I check in every day, I will message you back!!!
    Your page is awesome by the way :D XXX

  2. Aaaaaand I should’ve read this post before commenting on the previous one :) *insert massive DOH! here.*

    Like everyone else has said – don’t ever feel alone Natasha. I’m so behind on my blogs but I do spend 5 minute chunks throughout the day sticking my nose into FB. And you are one of the few blogs I make sure and catch up on when I’m behind. I hope things are on the up and up but even if they aren’t, you stay in touch – you are never alone and most of us can probably understand those dark days x

  3. You are awesome! The world is a more beautiful and special place because you are in it!! I love you, Tarsh, and I need to go back and ask the doc about upping my dosage. We will get thru this life!!

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