Rocking my world

Here is my list for rocking your world Friday.  A place to list the positives that we have going on during the week.  Hosted by Virginia, this practice is becoming such a blessing as I count up my blessings each week, and some weeks, like this one, it is especially important to me.

Firstly, my father in law is out of Intensive Care and now as of today out of hospital.  Yay.  They don’t know what caused him to collaped, so that is worrying, and I think we will have some decisions to make, or he will, but not today and I am beyond grateful.

My beloved has been away all week, and he is back, and I am beyond grateful for that as well.  Today was the last day of term, so Spring holiday’s are upon us, and he has taken the children and dogs out to the park and the house is silent.  I should be doing housework, but I am doing this blog post instead.  I am also noticing the silence.

The other day, I met a friend for coffee after dropping the children at school, and it turned out she had made other arrangements and effectively kidnapped me, and put me through the grueling process of getting made up by professionals.  Once I got over the mortification (it is so not like me, and not at all what I was intending to do with my day), it was a gift in more ways than one.

She also without my knowledge bought me the red lipstick I was done up with (which is divine and called MACs Russian Red), which I have worn most days since, even if doing nothing more exciting than walking dogs and picking up children.  It makes me feel very hot and undomestic and super on top of the world.

At that same engagement with my friend, she had also arranged for bubbles at lunchtime, and what she called a “Sex in the City” moment of eating fancy german sausage in bread.  In celebration of her birthday that has already happened, and my birthday coming up in November.  Once I got over the shock, and complete overwhelm of her lovely generous gift, (and embarassing tears), I had a delightful morning, until I was whisked back into reality very swiftly later that afternoon.

My son got in the finals of the speech competition at his school, and I was very proud of him.  And he bought home a certificate today that shows he has done very well in some external English exams.  So go Sebastian George.

My daughter came out from brushing her teeth the other night (the night of the makeover) and told me I was the beautifulest Mum in the world, and the best.  That even when I am mean to her and she tells me she hates me that really she thinks I am the best Mum still.  She finished by telling me I should always believe it.  I had been sitting down in the quiet before they went to bed, reflecting on the day, and missing my beloved, and goodness knows how I looked for her to give me such a beautiful little speech.  But I pulled her on to my lap and told her that she should always believe how special she is, and she told me she knows that already…clearly no confidence issues there at the moment.

While on the bus on the way home from School earlier in the week, Victoria and my niece decided to sit at the back of the bus, on the other side of some High School Boys.  I heard a lot of giggling, but I could not see that they were up to anything untoward.  So I left them.

When we got off the bus Victoria showed me the note in her bag that she had picked up off her seat, that said “I love you” which I am assuming one of the boys had written for one of the three groups of girls that also got onto the bus, before my daughter intercepted it.  She was delighted at the declaration of love for her.  I did suggest that I wasn’t sure the note was meant for her, but she is pretty adamant.  I do feel sorry for the poor boy that got up the courage to leave the note only to see it get completely misappropriated.

And I think that is it.  As I cast my mind back, these are the moments that stand out.  Though I would like to cast out a quick thank you to my children’s giggles, and Rooibos tea as well.  The oil on my wheels this week to be sure.


4 thoughts on “Rocking my world

  1. Oh a fabulous list hun, loving your friend ‘kidnapping’ you for the day and you have a day full of things that you weren’t expecting, the lipstick sounds gorgeous, my sister is a MAC fanatic and adores all their make up and they do do a fabulous makeover.

    Discussions with your daughter sounded so special and amazing, isn’t it great when our children make us take a step back and smile!

    Glad your Father-in-law is out of hospital and intensive care, it must have been a worrying time for you all and yay to hubby arriving home safe and sound.

    A speech competition at school – not the easiest of things I wouldn’t have thought, said 12 year old was mighty stressed with a joint form assembly and he only had two lines.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    biggest hugs

  2. Gorgeous list. i just love the conversation you had with your girl. How lovely!

    Your son is much braver than me – I hated when you had to read aloud from books at school or stand at the front of the class and do a speech. Hated it! Well done him.

    Brilliant news about your Father-in-law, so good to read that! And how lovely that you had an unexpected pampering day too!

    I know what you mean about this look back on our week – it makes such a difference doesn’t it? :)

  3. Super positives…what fun to be ‘kidnapped’ like that.

    Great news about your FIL and how lovely to have such a sweet conversation with your youngster.

    Hope the coming week brings lots more joy and positives.

    Toni xx

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