I can see a rainbow…

For the past couple of weeks these pages have been in various states of completion, with layers of work.  From paint, to sewing, to ephemera, pastels, crayons, pencils, inks, paints, watercolours.  I thought the pages were done, and then I saw potential faces in a few pages and once I started adding faces, I found faces on all the spreads.

Finally they are done.  All the colours of the rainbow, doing these pages made me ridiculously happy, and not just about using up ephemera out of my hoarding box!  :)  I didn’t intend for the faces to all be so different, but they are, and I like them.

I am also very glad they are now finished and can be crossed off my to-do list.








And I am linking to Paint Party Friday this week. Always so supportive and encouraging, and the inspiration is incredible!! :)


39 thoughts on “I can see a rainbow…

  1. As I scrolled down, I kept thinking how much I loved the colors you used. They were so rich and full. The girls were all different. I kept thinking, I wonder what she would say if she could talk to me. Great work.

  2. These are great! I love all the colour and the way you have applied paint in such an expressionistic way. i also like the way you have layered paint over collage- and most of all I like those amazing faces set in their own little environment. I would love for you to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  3. Very fun. I love the color theme! I’m working on some journal pages right now and it’s very inspiring to see what others are doing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Natasha, I adore the rainbow painted pages, the girls that bloomed and evolved on the page, just wonderful!!! The first of the blues is my favorite {but only if forced to select a favorite}. I love the painted images over the texture of the layers beneath.

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