Rocking my World this Friday!

My second post for Rocking your world Friday, where we notice and note down the positives during the past week.  Hosted by Virginia over here, this has been a very useful exercise in a week that I was not sure initially I had much to tell.

Spring is here, and is definitely rocking my world this Friday!  I love Spring, the feeling of renewal and new growth and warmer weather, blossoms all around, LOVE.  I also love hanging my washing out and knowing it will actually be dry when I get it in.

I finished the scarf for my baby sister’s birthday.  She turned 15 this week, and I left it to the last minute but I finally finished it after a very late night, and she loves it.  It is a gorgeous yarn, different shades of yellow (her favourite colour), but i didn’t get a photo.  I thought numerous times about taking a photo in progress, but just didn’t get to it, and then I realised after it had been given to her that I had no photos.

So I texted her to take a photo for me and because I am such a bossy big sister she complied!  :)  Most of the week was tied up with that scarf, because I am not a fast knitter, so I have done little else.  And I am proud that I finished even if it required some late nights and focus.

Birthday scarf

I have done a wee bit of playing in my art journal although because of said scarf I have a tonne of pages in progress but not yet finished.  Next week will be show and tell time of some finished pages!!  :)

This post featured the inspiration deck I made, and Jessica said the kindest things.  Really made my day, just thinking about it now, makes me smile.

Skull #1

I found a plastic skull, which I want to paint.  I didn’t realise initially that it was a light, and I have gutted it now and am in the process of plastering it as a first coat (which will also fill up the gaping hole I left!).

Skull #2

My children got their school reports yesterday as well, and Sebastian has done stunningly well, and Victoria is tracking along nicely, so I am very proud of both of them.

Last weekend we had my nieces staying with us and we took them 4-wheel driving to see some seals, I grabbed this photo of them altogether, which will make a nice photo for Christmas, particularly for grandparents I am thinking!! Though it was harder than it should be to get them all to look at the camera at the same time.

Children at the beach

I am also very thankful for the invention of antibiotics, which is clearing up my chest infection quick smart!

My son drew this picture of all of us, and apparently when he has children he is going to add them to the picture as well.  A keepsake that at least sometimes he loves his sister!  :)

Sebastian's drawing

Also this week Victoria had a school trip the local art gallery which I attended, to see the Lynley Dodd‘s exhibition, and see some of her original sketches and drawings.

The class then had a go at monoprinting, and I quickly snuck in a quick go as well.

The first is Victoria’s and then mine.

Victoria's monoprint



4 thoughts on “Rocking my World this Friday!

  1. You beat me to it again!

    Yay – look at all those positives! Well done to the kiddles for the fabulous reports (and getting along!)

    Funny my eldest went to an art gallery with school this week too – the Tate Modern. I did not get to go. There was jealousy on my part!

    Loving the look of that skull and the scarf looks lovely and snuggly.

    Have a lovely week Natasha.

  2. Wow that’s another awesome week, loving the monoprints – and WTG you for finishing the scarf, it’s something I just can’t do (knit that is) so I’m always green with envy when I see someone’s completed work! The photo of the children is gorgeous and will most definitely make a great Christmas present!

    I hope the antibiotics continue to help clear up the chest infection and fingers crossed that you get some art journalling done. I haven’t done any for an age, I was working on a Christmas book last night whilst hubby and said 12 year old were watching Avengers Assemble

  3. Fab week and great list! I love the scarf it looks beautiful. The photo of the children is adorable and will make a great gift for Xmas. The skull is intriguing, I will pop back to see it finished!
    Well done to the children getting good reports and the drawing is so sweet, and the mono printing looks fun.
    Have a great week x

  4. Well done on getting the scarf done – my knitting seems to come in fits & starts at the moment.

    Lots of great positives and I look forward to seeing what you do with that skull.

    Toni xx

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