Celebrating Spring

So this week there was a little Prompty challenge of sorts put out by Tammy at Daisy Yellow and Hanna at iHanna’s blog!
The details for this week can be found here or here!  :)  This week was a list of 5 things you love about Spring.  Given I am living Spring at the moment I did not have to think hard, as I looked around me and found my top 5 loves that are making me love this season at the moment.

Spring page

My top 5 loves this week are:

  1. Magnolia Blooms
  2. New leaves on my favourite ginkgo tree
  3. Warmer weather
  4. The feeling of renewal
  5. Spring blossoms

I went out and snapped a couple of photos with my camera, the bottom one is my gingko tree with new green leaves budding, and printed them out with my pogo printer.
The frog was in my ephemera box which I am trying to remember to use.  And it seemed appropriate as I had just gone into the frog tank to make sure our frogs were safe and accounted for from their winter hibernation.  Which they all were, though they are still huddling down at the moment!

Check out the links galore that I have posted above.  There will be a new list prompt on Saturdays I believe.  I love lists!



9 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring

  1. Oh spring what’s that then we’re heading into autumn but have awoken to a blue skies day even though it’s a bit crisp! I love your art journal pages – so bright and vibrant!

  2. Oh such lovely page, thanks for joining us! How fun, and how apropriate that you’re having spring and enjoying another one of my favorites Magnolia blossoms right now! I enjoy those in May/June when those bloom (Sweden), but now it’s autumn already.

    Big planet, small world. Hope you like the new list-prompt too!

  3. Gorgeous colours, and how I envy you the spring when we are in a miserable wet autumn, following a miserable wet summer. Lovely pages and photos. Magnolias mean spring to me.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Yes I followed Carmen’s lead to your poetry pages. I love your poems. Before we moved to a flat I had room for my magnetic board with the magnetic poetry words to make spontaneous poems, and now no space, so I miss it. Just writing this, I’ve had the idea of pulling the magnetic tiles out of a bag at random – they don’t have to be put up on the board.

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