Rocking my World Friday

I have been following Carmen’s Rocking your World Friday posts for a while, and mentioned to her I was thinking about joining in because it is such a good idea, and she was so encouraging about that idea that here I am!!  :)  And to find out more about it, come over here.  It is hosted by Virginia, and is a weekly round up of the positives that are rocking your world.    :)

So this Friday here are mine:
Love note from Victoria

Victoria, in the process of learning to write has memorised one phrase “I love Mum”.  I find these little notes everywhere, with I love Mum plastered over them.  Normally with a little doodle of a woman with heels, or in this photo there is also a gold medal with a heart in the middle since she said I win the gold medal for loving (oh my gosh I wanted to bottle her!!).  Which is not to say she feels this way all the time (this morning I think she would have taken that back!), but at the moment I am cherishing the notes and love messages. To be fair to her father, I have also found ONE with “I love Mum and Dad” on it, and a picture of both of us in a love heart, but mostly she loves me. hahaha

Look Mama, I can wink...(note the eye to the left is partially open) :)

Victoria is also learning to wink. She came up to me after school and said “Mama I can wink now”, and pulled this face for me. Which I thought resembled a pirate face more than winking, but if you look very closely the eye on the right is partially open, and periodically she will randomly wink at me, which just makes me smile EVERY SINGLE TIME.

She has also learnt to click her fingers. A couple of months ago she began practicing, and if a fly flew past, you would not have heard the click. She has put in some practice, and her click is louder than mine now, which has led to me putting in some practice as the rest of the family clicks loudly and then tells me they can’t hear mine. I will show them. Secret practicing has been happening, though more is needed. Victoria is so proud of her new skill however that she clicks everywhere, at the dinner table, as she tells me about her school day, in the bath, a veritable winking-clicking machine.

Over the weekend a local wildlife park was celebrating 40 years, and for one day they had the entrance prices as the price that was charged 40 years ago. We left home early so we would be leaving before the crowds really packed in, and that was a perfect plan. We had only been a couple of months ago, and when we spoke to one of the staff members he had mentioned the day to us, and that they were expecting mad amounts of people. The weather was a bit miserable but we went along anyway, and had a really good time, visiting our favourite spots, and making a couple of new discoveries, before the crowds had built up. Also on the drive home the weather really packed in, so I was even more pleased to have finished when we did.

This photo was taken on our way to the park, showing the tips of my knitted by me!! alpaca socks that I made to wear in my gumboots. I love this photo.

Going on early morning adventures.

Also I got some other good photos that I will be able to use in my art journal, including this one of me in my gumboots on a bridge. I LOVE instagram. :)

Crossing bridges

The library is also rocking my world this week. I love going to the library and borrowing books. I also love that you can request books they should buy, and quite often they do. They have also just recently set up a new system with some other libraries in nearby cities and this has meant you have access to even more books than before. I just signed up to the new system this week, after I saw that a book I have been wanting to read for a while, was available at one of the partner libraries. The book is ready to be picked up and I will be getting it this afternoon. This pleases me more than I think it should. But I don’t care.

Inspiration deck.

I have also been working on an inspiration deck this week (the post will be up later today!), and I was feeling a bit flat, but looking for inspirational quotes and working with them this week, has made a real difference to my mood. They completely reframed my thinking, so I am grateful I chose my PMSy week to work on them! :)

I am in the second week of the Unravelling course by Susannah Conway and I am completely loving it despite the fact it is pushing me WAY outside my comfort zone.

There is green on the gingko, new leaves are coming. #springishere

Also rocking my world this week is the fact I just discovered my ginkgo has some green in the buds…leaves are not far away!! Spring is nearly here, and I am ever hopeful that this Summer, we will actually have a longer Summer than the two weeks we got in the last one. All indications are good apparently. My ginkgo is my favourite-est tree, it is windswept and covered in drooping lichen, and beautiful. It marks my seasons for me because I look at it everyday, so I was most excited this morning when I glimpsed green.
My beloved also bought me hard nectarines this week, and I am very grateful.  I have a thing about drippy fruit, and nectarines are one of my favourite foods, and I know he thinks it is a bit ridiculous that I don’t like soft nectarines, so when I found the bag in the shopping and it was all full of hard nectarines I know that is his way of writing me love poems.

I am also loving lemon and honey drinks and eucalyptus three ply tissues, and my oil burner which is busy burning peppermint oil this week.

My week has been well rocked.


6 thoughts on “Rocking my World Friday

  1. You beat me! Mind you – I’m always late :D

    Loving your positives – your clicks would be louder than mine. I cannot click my fingers AT ALL! It is beyond me – but I can pull my face intro a funny shape that the rest of them can’t so I win there!

    Loving your daughters art, would so be squirrelling those away :D And that your hubby shows he cares with non-drippy fruit (am the same, cannot bear it. Or furry fruit. Blech!)

    Love the quote on your cards, will be back for that post later :D

    Have a great week Natasha :)

  2. Wheeeee, a new Rockette!!!! :) It’s great to have you on board.

    Wonderful Rocking post – Victoria is adorable, you made me laugh with your description of her as a ‘veritable winking-clicking machine’! Her pictures of you – in high heels! -are so cute, definitely keepers.

    Great photos, although the bridge looks a bit scary.

    Hard nectarines? Weird. But yay to your hubster, who embraces your weirdness and buys them for you.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Jo beat me to it – a new Rockette!!!!!!!!!! now there’s something to be grateful for, you’ve got an amazing list going on there, such wonderful happies. I adore the picture your daughter drew – particularly the high heels – definitely one to cherish!

    Loving your family trip and the fabulous photos you got in the process, I giggled trying to work out where in the world you were and then noticed the gum boot statement and thought ah not near Yorkshire LOL as we call them Wellies short for Wellington Boots of course!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and hope to see you on Rocking posts real soon!

  4. Yay, a new rockette!
    Such a beautiful post, you really made me smile! I love the notes from your daughter, she sounds adorable with all the clicking and winking as well! Your photos are beautiful, especially the one of your wellies (gum boots)!
    Your inspiration cards are amazing, can’t wait to see more.
    Hope you have a wonderful week x

  5. Oh another Rockette…I’m rather late this week with my post but it was lovely to read yours. Lots to make you smile, so a fabulous week.

    Love your photos.

    Toni xx

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