My creative projects this week

There is so much going on here this week, but not a lot of finishing so far. All the important juicy stuff that lends itself towards getting stuff finished, but has no real outcome apart from contributing towards finished stuff…which is an outcome of itself I guess.

First…I am over here!!! How freaking exciting. I feel very SEEN at the moment. Which is exciting and wonderful and terrifying and scary. A part of me wonders when it is all going to turn to custard and I will fall flat on my face in public and everyone will realise I have nothing of any substance to offer.

This has been the week of illness. I nursed the children over the weekend with colds, and headaches that seemed to turn children into demons (and celebrated Father’s day over here).  I felt quite cocky on Monday, as I began a new painting, that I had escaped all bugs with my strict hand sanitisation routine and constant burning of peppermint and eucalyptus oil (and upping my vitamin C).   I realise I also haven’t got any photos of where the painting is sitting now,  but here are the first two progress photos. I started with some journaling, and then added paint. This first painted layer was just to shift the energy of the journaling a bit, and already much of it is covered up.

WIP #1

WIP #2

By Monday evening I was not feeling quite so cocky as my head began to feel like it was filling up with gunk, though I still held out hope. The past few days have been horrid. I did take to my bed on Tuesday, and then decided later on that since I wasn’t up to much creatively I would sort through the ephemera I have collected and I would then be taking it easy and doing something productive at the same time. I brought the shoe boxes out of storage and emptied them out. I am down to one shoe box (admittedly a big one), and my daughter pilfered some of the rubbish pile and claimed another shoe box for her art supplies. Hopefully with it all in one box, I will use it more often.

There were things I had kept for the last few years that I bought or kept just in case, where I was still searching for what excited me and I was a magpie to all new shiny things. But for some stuff I never went there, so out it went. With trust that if I ever do decided to venture into that territory that I will still have the means to do it.

I began making some ephemera quilts. With my sewing machine this week as well. Inspired by this prompt at Daisy Yellow. I made one for my poetry book, and then I just kept sewing bits together. It started while I was still sorting through stuff, so I was grabbing bits and sewing them which meant I had less to throw out. (clever of me I know!) I have stuck a couple into my journal, and the others will get integrated as well, a useful background layer, a bit of texture and interest and a selection of the crap I was holding onto!! :)


Journal page wip

There was no rhyme or reason to these either. I grabbed a bit and sewed it on to another bit. Then grabbed something else. At the end sometimes I did a random spiral into the middle to give it a bit more strength, but not on all of them. I suspect some of the bits will be completely covered when I gesso over them and push the bits back a bit. It was also a good confidence booster in terms of using my sewing machine (that is gradually scaring me even less).

Ephemera quiltEphemera quilt

Ephemera quilt

Ephemera quilt

Ephemera quilt

I have done a lot of beginning journal pages. A lot are in various states of completion, which is good, because I will have a lot to show when I am done. A few were pasting bits of ephemera down as a first layer (less stuff to throw away :)), possibly my ruthless getting rid of stuff was not as ruthless as it could have been!! Just pottering and spreading paint and gesso. I did attempt some more involved art journaling, but I was frustrated with the results since I was not 100% so I stopped.

Pulled along

Reflections wip

I have a few other canvases in various states of completion as well, which I have dabbled in this week.

I have also done a lot of Journaling/writing this week, as I journal away for various exercises and some poetry. Photos of writing are not that exciting, so you won’t be subject to that! :)

I have also bought some yellow yarn to make a scarf for a birthday gift, I had assistance to help me wind the ball of yarn, for the price of a chocolate bar. Cheap at half the price, though we did have to take a few breaks towards the end, she well and truly earned her chocolate bar! :)

Charging me a chocolate bar for her assistance. #childlabour

I have also been reading. I realised last year, that since I had gotten into art I had not read as much as I used to. I used to be a vociferous reader, and we have 8 book overflowing bookshelves in this house, so I have been making a concerted effort to do more reading. I love Goodreads. It makes it easy to keep track of not only what books I have read, but what books I want to read as well.

And that has been my creative week. Not an awful lot this week, with my head pounding away. I feel very unproductive, but that is the way it is sometimes. I wasn’t going to upload to Paint Party Friday, because I didn’t think I had done enough, but there is some paint splashed about in this post, so I am claiming it.

I am also loving instagram this week. My username over there is @artytarsh, I don’t know how to link that up! :)

I am also hoping this headache passes by tomorrow, because I feel very behind, and want to get some painting done this weekend.  And I hope the weather clears because I need to get into the garden and begin getting it ready for Spring planting (very clearly differentiated from want, because much of the task involves weeding which I am not a fan of).


42 thoughts on “My creative projects this week

  1. What a lot of fun art here! Saw your other papers and collages THERE too. I like the children’s art framed!!! And the little girl with yarn so sweet; and sewing on pages is a fun I enjoy too! HPPF!

  2. I am the same way with throwing out stuff. Really determent in the beginning but then can’t bring myself to throw stuff away because I might need it someday. :) Hope you feel better soon. Those “quilts” look fabulous!

  3. Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than a headache and cold. You sure got a lot done for not feeling well. All that sewing would give me a headache, I don’t get on with sewing machines.
    You journal pages are fab, very creative.

  4. I am so impressed! You accomplish a lot when feeling less than great. Your sewing machine creations are very interesting! Happy PPF

  5. You must be kidding! You have been amazingly creative this week. I also have “the cold” and only did 6 ATCs and my Diva tangle and trying to catch up on posting. Your “quilts” are amazing. Are they from all different supports? Paper, fabric???

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your post- felt like I was there watching you. What fun, and hard work, and fun and hard work- that’s motherhood for you- can’t ever escape the bugs. Happy PPF.

  7. Wow, even sick you have more energy than I have on a good day! Loved the fascinating post with the varied works of art. You seem as talented with the sewing machine as with the brush. Love all the quilt pieces. The ones with the child drawings made me smile. Hope everyone is well again.

  8. So sorry you’re not feeling well, but wow! you manage to be more creatively productive sick than I am when I’m feeling great! I love your collage and sewing projects and you utilize such great colors in your journal pages.

  9. Hi Natasha! It’s Aimee from Instagram — I didn’t realize you had a blog as well, and how excited I am to stumble on your arty world here too! Your journal pages are delicious and so are your stitched collage pieces!

  10. What an interesting and varied post! You actually did get a lot done too! I like your painting-that tree just positively bursts out of the ground. I like the texture of the ground itself too. And what a good idea using up the bits and combining them – i should do that with some of my jewellery too- just simply remaking produces such unexpected results! Thanks for visiting:)

  11. I love the ephemera quilts! You’ve been a lot more productive than I am when I’m sick. The one with the little monster drawing in the middle is especially wonderful. I hope you feel better soon. The worst part of taking care of sick little demon children is knowing you are going to get it, too. And knowing you’ll have to take care of yourself cuz no one else is going to do it! Or maybe that is just at my house. ;)

  12. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great–hope that passes soon. Also love the piecs here–I like how the journal writing in the top painting ended up being such a subtlety in the end. Also love the work on the bottom (the book with your daughter’s pic.)

  13. I loved this post so much! I hope you are feeling better by now… you achieved so much in your poorly state! Your wool winder is very sweet:)

    I love your journaling pages and your wonderful ephemera quilts…


  14. I love what you are showing with the fabric. I too have so many different avenues I am exploring and love to see different ways to create. Blessings, Janet PPF

  15. Love how your painting is coming along. And stitching the ephemera together like that is a wonderful idea. It makes for some truly unique pieces. Hope you’re feeling better now!

  16. I love the energetic quality of your drawings and quilts! I will share the link with my mom who does lots of quilts. Hope you feel better! – alicia at (can’t do much about the wordpress account thing & have tried :D)

  17. I hope the dreaded lurgy didn’t strike you down to badly!

    Loving all the journalling and those quilted pieces. Yum! Your little helper is just adorable and works for such a reasonable wage ;)

    8 bookshelves. *sigh* Do you feel the jealousy positively washing through the screen at you?

  18. Hope you are feeling better by now! What a wealth of fun art you have here – I especially like the random stitching… it totally does not seem random in the end product!

  19. You were pretty busy in-spite of being sick. I hope by now your feeling better. I wonder how much Art you get done when you ARE feeling good. :) Happy belated PPF from last week. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had to go see you lived to see who was coming into Spring as we are leaving Summer. :))

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