Turning to my journal

I meant to post earlier in the week and I just never made it here.  I had some contract work and got tied up.  When I had down time I elected to spend it with my paints.  A good choice now I look back at what I did this week.  :)


Last weekend was hectic, my son’s last rugby game for the season, and then a shared lunch for his team an hour later (where he had to take a plate, and I only found out about at the last game???), and then a celebration swim party at the local pool that night for the junior rugby club.  We left early so we could catch the fireworks at the winter carnival, which we only made with minutes to spare. I LOVE fireworks, LOVE. I was especially grateful for the fireworks the next day when we had two sick children requiring tending all day. They were a happy memory.


This photo of my daughter while we were watching my son’s last game of rugby pleases me as well. I turned around to check where she was and saw her at the top of the bank, meandering along. I love this photo.

Exploring her world.

And then the contract work and report writing and editing. I was pleased to have my art journal to play in and journal out some of the gunk in my head.

Room for hope

This was paper clay that I stamped into. The effect was very fresco-esque. I liked the look of plaster about it. And the layers of glazing to bring out the stamping detail. :)

Room for hope - close up

This next page is texture city. Just playing with some paper mache stuff I had (which I am not a fan of), and some scraps of different textures that I had around. The coin is an old one, from when they changed all our coins the last time, and had been very patina-ed. And I found it while I was looking for a rusty bottle cap that I thought I had kept, and it went with the colours on the page so I stuck it in the middle.

Wear, Tear and Tarnish

These next pages were just working out the rubbish in my head. Things that were whirling around and were better out than in. One of the biggest reasons that I am grateful for finding art journaling is the processing and reflecting it allows me to do. I also can’t imagine the crap I used to store in my head before I started journaling…no wonder I had depression and anxiety!! :)

No magic tricks

She had a choice

She felt like a circus performer

I have continued working through the daily prompts that can be found at Tammy’s site and my found word poetry.

Conspicuous Choices:

Conspicuous choices

This was my first mandala. I was so scared about this prompt. I left it and carried on with the other pages, but I knuckled down and did it the other day. OH MY GOSH. Just starting with that dot and then doing lines as they came into my head, not worrying about the outer layers until I was there. And I can’t believe how it came out. I look in awe that I created it. I did it while I was feeling quite drained and tense and it was surprisingly relaxing as you stay focused on the patterns taking shape.

Conspicuous Choices - close up

Fumbling Spirit:

Fumbling spirit

This page was only done using an old credit card. I love the texture of the credit card in the heavybodied paint. I normally only use it to spread the paint quite thinly so creating texture was fun, and I am happy with how it came out. It was so easy and fast, apart from waiting for the paint to dry!

Fumbling spirit

Escaping identities:

Escaping identities

This page was made up of a series of ATC backgrounds that I made. Also I did some sewing, and I had bought some new thread and there was such a big difference, so I am definitely putting last weeks frustration down to the bad quality thread (and my lack of skills). It has been a long time since I made ATCs, I burnt myself out ages ago, and had no interest in it, but I still have a few more of these cards, so I might play a bit more with them.

Silence ran out:

Silence ran out

I love how you can catch the wavy journaling under the paint. Just barely, but it is a beautiful layer. I want to do this again in my art journal. I have done a few lines like that, but the whole page journaled like that looked very cool. Writing the letters taking account of the different lines almost became a mediation practice, it was very deliberate and focusing.

Silence ran out - close up



I think that the shapes of weeds are so interesting, I never appreciated them until I began sketching them. I wish that could account for how many weeds are about at the moment, but I just haven’t gotten there yet, though with Spring here pretty much, it will be time to get Summer vegetables in soon.

Fragment - close up



I loved the scroll-ly journaling sprawling over the page. Another writing technique I want to do in my journal. Covering it up with paint was fun as well!! :)

Silence - close up

This third poetry book is nearly full and I am so proud when I see them all together, knowing that I have filled those puppies up. The words I love as well. My moods really dictate where the words go and what words stand out to me. I can look at a page one day and find nothing, and the next day I see words I want all over the page. Just finding the words, and then putting them together and rearranging them is so relaxing and enjoyable. I have also been writing my own poems. Which I love. They are really touching my center at the moment. They flow better when I don’t overthink them…which is a constant battle I face. So far still very raw though and needing more work I think.

Linking up at Paint Party Friday as well, where I am continually inspired and bouyed by the talent and support that is over there.


48 thoughts on “Turning to my journal

  1. You made MY day! Your backgrounds are amazing. I agree with Tracey, this is alot to get done in a week. Hurrah for creative energy! Happy PPF

  2. do you glue the paper clay or does it just adhere on its own! Incredible post… I have so many thoughts running thru my head, wish you were here sitting at the kitchen table so we could chat about all this!!!! amazing.
    cheers, dana

  3. Natasha, your pages are fabulous. I especially am intrigued by the paper clay and the impressions in it. Wow! Also, the photo of your daughter is awesome and would make a super painting.

  4. Wow.. I would say to myself – oh, I love that one.. then I would scroll down to the next one.. oh, I really love that one.. then keep scrolling… and more oh, wows.. and loves. Beautiful, beautiful pages! I loved seeing them all. Great work. Happy PPF

  5. I am usually not a loss for words but right now I think I am. You are amazing. Each piece was so beautiful. I love the picture of your daughter. I love them all. Bravo!!

  6. These are all amazing–love the textures of the Paper Clay, and your painting of the tumbling figures, and your found poetry, and your sketches of weeds (which remind me of your Zendala)–and OH MY you do accomplish a lot in a week!

  7. so much to take in on this post! I love the first page with the paper clay- that effect is stunning. I never even heard of paper clay before. the mandala is beautiful as well- it looks so detailed. and the photo of your daughter is fantastic-i love how that brooding sky dominates the scene making her seem so small against its vastness-very emotive.

  8. Wow, did you mention that you didn’t have so much time this week!? You sure got a LOT done! It’s all so beautiful, I don’t even know on which one to comment … Your mandala looks awesome! And that picture of your daughter is great! The contrast between the little girl and that stormy sky is powerful. Well done!

  9. First of all, my WOW too. The fireworks are fantastic, and the special quality of your photo of your daughter is wonderful.
    I must say ‘thank you’ – I’ve spent the last two days in a state of not being able to draw or paint, to the extent that I have even been tidying my desk. Seeing all your lovely journal pages and poems makes me realise that what has been wrong is that I haven’t been ‘breaking free’ for journalling, and have been trying too hard.
    You have given me inspiration and the push to just go and DO IT. Thanks.

  10. Wow, I don’t know where to start! I do love the picture of your daughter and the fireworks! Beautiful! Now, all the art you have accomplished! They are all so wonderful, and meaningful! I really do love and cherish them all! Very special!

  11. The images are fab, especially the one with your daughter. The textures in your journal are amazing…how do you close the book? So much fantastic work to look at here. You certainly had a great art week! Happy PPF! :-)

  12. Hi Natasha in New Zealand, Your palette ranches from bold to monotone and your texture races from smooth to rigid; Your son is in rugby and your daughter is young and you are an artist second to none. I want to play in paper clay! Lovely, Terri http://www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com. Now following you on Twitter and Pinterest, won’t you do the same. Thank you

  13. Your journalling pages are just amazing, and so inspiring. I love the variety of textures and styles that you have managed to create. Love it!

    Thank you so much for stopping by, because I have been so inspired by your artwork and your words. x

  14. I especially love your work with the paper clay, not something I’ve even heard of before! Lovely work this week in all! Enjoy your time with your kids, it goes by so fast! Mine are 17 and 20 years old now!

  15. What a super inspiring post full of meaningful poetic gems! Where do i start..i truly love them all..your work carries such soulfulness and heart and spirit..I love the fresco-esque one..the energy is so strong..a very strong piece and visually stunning..and all pieces wonderful..i especially loved the one you called weeds/flowers..that one really captivated me..stunning works!!
    Hugs..very inspiring!

  16. I am blown away by the amount of work you manage, and by the variety and depth. Each page has a distinct feel and visual style, and they are all profound. You have really tapped into a deep well of creativity.

  17. oh ♥WOW♥!!! all of your pages are soooooo very beautiful and so totally inspiring! i think the mandala one is my absolute favorite–i love it aesthetically, but i especially love that it was the one you “worried” about and then it shocked you by how much you enjoyed it! to me that feeling’s like the prize in a box of cereal!!! :) (the fresco and texture pages are also SO COOL, they are making me re-think my dread of having to buy a specialist product to try making something like them!!!) :) :) :)

    in answer to your question on the daisy yellow blog about my machine-stitched swirls, nope, no program, they’re just free-handed. i added some swirly rub-ons to the page first, and then just sort of sewed around them to augment. i have, at times, also done the same thing with a flourish stamp and then either hand-cranked the machine very slowly right OVER the lines (which makes one look like an AMAZING seamstress!!!) or again, just sort of near them to add another swirly layer!

  18. Hello fellow Unraveller! Stopping by from the Flickr group to say hello. :-)
    These are all incredible. I love the picture of your daughter. You’ve made me want to get into painting and other creative endeavors. I’ve been wanting to for awhile now, but my ‘art’ runs more toward writing and graphic design. These have really inspired me!

  19. How interesting your journal is. . . I like the looks of the paper clay. I have it, but haven’t used it and see what a difference it will make. Blessings, Janet PPF

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