Friday round up

There was no Frida follow up this week.  I needed the week to process the story she told and think about my interpretation of that story.  How it looks for me.  The week was needed because I am now rearing to go.  Sometimes you just need the processing time.


I have done some encaustics.  I am not thrilled with the outcome, but somewhere to start from.  I can only progress!  :)  This piece came from some meditation I did.  I was not in the best frame of mind, but when is the best frame of mind for meditation?  I aspire to meditate every day, I have varying success with this.  For a course I am doing, there was a meditation session built in, and I decided to schedule this in on my to-do list and leverage the meditation session as my day’s meditation.  I actually came to it with this mindset…leveraging meditation???  It shows how much I have had on my to-do list at any rate.  So I came to cross it off my to-do list.

No great expectations other than crossing it off, and instead it turned out to be quite enlightening in it’s own way, because of the mindset I came in with I expect.  The result completely different to what I normally experience in meditation.  Showing up regardless of my headspace is a lesson in itself that I needed. It showed me the value of turning up without excuses even if my to-do list is a mile long.

During the meditation I saw this image really clearly of a deep black and a setting deep red sun.  After I saw white flowing lines.  I can feel an encaustic series coming on while I develop my skills enough to translate the image to the substrate of what I saw in my head.

The good, the bad and the ugly

I finished up this journal page. It has been half finished in my journal for over a year, and I completely painted over it pretty much. Before I was completely stuck, but as soon as I started smearing the white over the page, I saw a way forward. Sometimes a reminder that you just need to pick up a brush. The next way forward on the path will make itself known – sometimes! :)

Standing my ground

Another page that got finished this week. I had an art journal that I thought I had nearly finished, but when I actually started going through it, it turned out much of the pages were actually unfinished, so before the end of the year I want to have finished the pages in this journal. I work better with a deadline I find, and by the end of the year is plenty of time (says she in August, but no doubt that will fly by as has the rest of this year!).

And then I have been working through my board books using the daily paper prompts that can be found here to inspire my backgrounds and then finding poetry in book text that I have collected.

Craving silence:
Craving silence

I made a pattern with some airbrush acrylics and then sprayed with water. It felt like a blurry kind of day that day and I like how it turned out in the end, with the blurred parts of the pattern and the more fixed parts of the pattern. I am also going through a drip loving phase at the moment as well.

Craving silence - close up



This is a chandelier that I drew roughly in airbrush acrylics. I love how sketchy it came out, and how it is not immediately obvious as a chandelier, almost dream like. I also love the way the paint and gesso buckled and crinkled on the page. A happy accident.

Chandelier - close up

She found her voice:
She found her voice

This was based on a prompt about celebrating an achievement. This poetry and the poetry that I am writing at the moment is what I decided to celebrate. And I was so excited when I found “book of poetry” twice (because this book is my second book!). Poetry is touching me deeply right now, as I begin to see phrases all around me.

She found her voice - close up

Shipped with gratitude:

Shipped with gratitude

This prompt was actually meant to be mail art, but given I am using the prompts to inspire backgrounds, I changed it to suit my purposes. I always used to struggle with prompts. Wanting to do my own thing, it has only been a recent realisation that I don’t have to stick to other people’s prompts strictly, I can actually modify them to fit what I am doing. This may seem basic to everyone else, but it was one of those paint outside the line kind of realisations for me. So no mail art that will be sent in the mail, but I did cover the spread in stamps…mail art kind off?!?

Shipped with gratitude - close up



This photo represents the truce that I thought I had reached with my sewing machine been called off. I deeply admire people that can work those machines with ease. I am not one of them, but I love how sewn paper looks. I will keep persevering, but I am pretty sure my sewing machine dislikes me intensely. Either we need relationship counseling or I need lessons…I suspect the later! :)

Coiled close up

AND THAT WAS THE END OF BOOK TWO!!!!! I am now working on the third book. I am a finisher! :) hahaha

Dream time:

Dream time

The butterflies are meant to be a stamped mandala, which I used embossing powder for. This did not turn out like I saw it in my head, and so I put a lot of layers on this page to push them back. when they weren’t so in my face, I liked their dreamy look, a little bit of magic. :)

Dream time - close up



This page has strips of maps, covered in gesso and then covered in tissue paper. I regretted the tissue paper, too many stars and there are two layers of light gesso to push them back a wee bit. I loved that the tissue paper tore a little bit and you could see a crack of the maps clearly. A little slip in time.

Escape - close up

And before I sign off this round up I thought I would show my studio assistant that decided she was not getting enough attention while I was taking photos…

Studio Assistant
Studio Assistant
Studio assistant

Ever so helpful (though so much less destructive than she has been this week!).

And I am linking up to Paint Party Friday. So much inspiration over there!!


33 thoughts on “Friday round up

  1. Why aren’t you happy with your outcome? I think your encaustics are fabulous. :) Love all that texture and your little pooch is so adorable. :) I missed the whole puppy thing. Did you find them all a good home? Did you keep any of them? :)

  2. Loving everything you have created! Wow! You have been busy! Your studio assistant is so cute! Your mediation piece really talked to me! It’s like the brightness coming out of the darkness! A break through! I love meditating with my stones and crystals and I always have a candle burning too. Take Care ;o) All the best ;o)

  3. Your studio assistant is just hysterical! I especially love the second one – upsidedown love. Your encaustic is great! Keep going with the wax – it takes a while to get the feel for it and all its quirky attributes. Happy PPF

  4. Your whole post here is mind-blowing. And the poetry is wonderful. You really do inspire me with everything you do, and I must try to finish things (most pages) in my journals. I loved every one of these paintings and poems. Feel invigorated to get into that studio and get moving, so thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Wow. You’ve been a busy girl! Every page is from deep down in your heart and it shows. It’s wonderful that you scheduled time for meditation…nothing wrong with that…and that it gave you inspiration for a new series. Keep working. Your art really is spectacular.

  6. You’re a very prolific artist. I agree with you in that you just have to do it and not wait for the “best frame of mind. ” I love your studio assistant”s pictures, especially the second one. Blessings!

  7. Lots of wonderful creativity expressed here with wonderful texture, colors and design ~ Love the encaustic ~ very Zen and shimmering light shining through ~ Your doggie definitely loves your work too and loves you! Wow! ~ A Creative Harbor) on blogger

  8. You’re very productive to have completed so many journal pages, and all of them look so different from one another! I love how you are able to create so many different feels. Wonderful!

  9. You gave us a ton to ponder here. I love the darkness with splash of red in the top encuastic piece. Wondering if you were feeling the dark side of yourself? I also an enamoured of sewing on paper and fabric so that journal page spoke to me too. And your dog, well he highlights many terrific journal pages bringing them even further to life. I admire all that you have accomplished here today. HPPF on Sunday!

  10. Your encaustic piece is marvellous as it can be interpreted in so many ways. My son also meditates every day, and it is sometimes a chore, I learnt the technique and got quite good at it a few years ago, but have let it slip again- note to self- get back to your meditating. I have never been able to make these books- they are fantabulous!

  11. Ooooh, your assistant is so cute! I love the second picture with her! And your pages and encaustic piece are just wonderful – loving the “coiled!” Beautiful, xoxo

  12. I’ve been going through a drip loving phase for about 2 years now :D Both in acrylics and watercolours too… and I love dripping nail varnish and glossy accents down stuff.

    Saying it again LOVE your poetry. And you have me thinking about meditation. I never thought I was into all that – always lumped it in with religion but it’s not is it? I may have to look into it! (Being a major stress head!)

    Love your assistant – she looks so much like my Cooper. That piccie with her and the chandelier page is priceless!

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