A new week

Such a busy weekend, but not overly creative.  I got into a cleaning and decluttering fit of madness after aliens abducted me and switched my personality with someone more organised.

This was just a temporary measure however, and so normal transmission has resumed.  Though looking at the rubbish I threw out, makes me feel very happy and lighter.  I always wonder why i keep some things, for just in case moments, or because it seems wasteful to get rid of things even if I am not a fan.  It was not a problem on the weekend as Ms Ruthless took over my body.  Even the children got worried as I began to head for their room.  :D

I have still being working on the Daily prompts for my backgrounds and the found poetry. I have also been working on finishing up some journal pages.  I had a journal that I thought was mostly finished, but when I actually looked at it, there were actually still a lot of pages half done, so I am going to go through that and get some done.  I found it quite interesting how much my style has changed from the start of the book until the end.  And made some progress on a spread that has been taunting me with the mess on the page.

Always, there is so much I want to do, but only so much time.  I am not complaining about all the ideas and inspiration that I have going on (far from it, having gone through more than one phase where I thought I had no ideas left), but I sometimes feel permanently behind.  Though I am trying to leave that in the sphere of activity and doing things and not feeling overwhelmed, which is the place for me where procrastination begins and nothing much happens.

I am currently working on a vision board.  I have never placed a lot of stock in them before to be honest.  I have admired the people that cut up their magazines and found their images and words and what have you.  But it never really called to me.  But I have sat down and asked my wise woman self “Where to now?”  and then cut out images and words.  Time will tell I imagine.  And the only reason I bring it up here (because I wasn’t going to), is that if things do start coming true off the vision board, or things start happening, you can bet I will be here writing a post about it.  So I am setting the stage so to speak!!  :) Just in case.

I have been excited about Spring and the magnolias that are out even more this week, and the sun has been nice, and then today it is freezing enough for a fire.  If I didn’t have to go outside to bring wood in I would be more motivated to light one, but it is cold out there.

That is me, I have also been doing my morning pages each day and a lot of written journaling, and getting ready to prepare myself for my Frida interpretation.  She took a lot of energy last week, and I was pretty focused on her, so I am thinking I will take the week to process that and her story and begin the piece over the weekend.  We will see how the next couple of days pan out.  I have some other paintings to go on with.  The benefit of so many ideas and a lot of starting is there is always something to go on with.

Here are the paintings and poetry so far.

No Coat:

No coat

In the middle of the page is tissue paper that I sewed onto a page of book text, which I then stuck onto the background. I left all the threads loose on the page and I am quite happy with it. Especially that there is no bubbling of thread under the book text (because I have sorted out my tension problems :)).

No coat - close up

Gentle Heart:

Gentle heart

The daily prompt was to do the colours of the seasons, and so those are the colours that I associate with the seasons. Beginning with Winter and then working through Spring, Summer and Autumn. I brayered over all of them to unify the page somewhat and push some of the colours back a wee bit.

Gentle heart close up

Whispered stories:

Whispered Stories

On this page I did all sorts of circles, from a cup dipped in paint, to inky circles. I then had the idea to do half a circle and smush the paint together, which I quite liked. :)

Whispered Stories close up

Soul Orchestra:

Soul orchestra

This one has music scores put on the page and then gesso and paint. I then splattered with some ink, which I quite like. The colours are richer in person and the green almost like a patina.

Soul orchestra close up

Mother’s Alter:

Mother's alter

I decided to use the left over scrapbook paper as a pocket and so used the colours on the scrapbook paper. That day I snapped a blurry photo on my phone of the children that I really liked. So I printed that out to put in the pocket, pleasantly surprised that the colours fit with the page well. I then found that scrap of magazine page on the table so I stuck it down as well. A bit of a hodge podge page.

Mother's alter close up


The daily prompt was to use words, and I really like how the cross word pages came out with a layer of gesso…a good art journal background. very quick and easy, and effective. I then did the drips and stamping with paint. Part of the prompt was also to learn a new word and I happened to have some vintage dictionary page out, so I looked to find a word I didn’t know and found “intermezzo”. Intermezzo is defined as a short musical composition generally of a light sparking character, or an interlude. I liked that. And I also knew I had some pages in my plastic file that involved music for my found poetry so I was happy with how well it worked out.

Intermezzo close up

Also I am surprised at the found words poetry. Sometimes I can look for ages and find nothing that inspires me. The next day I can look through the same pages and words jump out at me. Always different. I love doing these.

It is night now, the children are in bed.  I began this post this morning. It has been one of those days.  I hope you are having a better day.


10 thoughts on “A new week

  1. What a lot of work you’ve done. Here in the Philippines we are having a 4 day weekend and I’ve been cleaning and organizing too. I like your “brayer” effect. I have been looking for my little brayer and even if I’ve overturned a lot of stuff in the course of my cleaning and organizing , it hasn’t turned up yet!!!

  2. I SO understand those days! Your poetry and pages are beautiful…and I wish you many continued moments of random cleaning amidst the delicious messiness of creativity. :)

  3. I really love your found poetry pieces. Really, really. They kind of remind me of Austin Kleon and his blackout pages.

    I am inspired to try this myself – would you mind very much? I especially love your seasonal coloured piece… and the circles… and well, just all of them really :)

  4. Wow, you have lots of energy this week. I love the vibrant paintings and the gorgeous colors in your journal. Could you come over and declutter my house for me? It seems that you have been a real success in your own home.

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