Channeling Frida

I intended to do this challenge last week, paint a painting from an artist I love and then paint my own take on it. but I just didn’t get there. So this week I am getting there. I decided my artist would be Frida, because I love her. I love the way she used herself in her story telling, her strong use of symbols and telling of stories that aren’t always pretty. Because we don’t always have lovely positive stories topped off with pretty bunting! So this is where I have been this week. Loading photos over at my facebook art page of my progress.

That is where photos will be appearing until she is finished I imagine. It is quite motivating posting my progress photos over there. The encouragement isn’t so shabby either, sometimes it can be lonesome painting away. I like my own company and all, but still. Nice to have a water cooler to connect at! :)

The instigator of the challenge said that by the end you would hate the challenge, despite loving the artist. Painting another person’s style and story. None of you in there. I am so there. I didn’t think I was going to love it, but I didn’t expect my utter frustration (I could never be an art forger, that would rank up there with vacuuming for me). Once I got past the portrait, I have not been a huge fan. In fact I could have stopped there. :)

But I have plodded along. And I am reasonably happy. I still have more to go, but I have been somewhat hindered today by an awful headache. I can also see my errors. When I noticed the neckline in particular I was a bit gutted, but I am letting go of all of it. I will never replicate it entirely because it isn’t my painting, so this is just my study, and the errors that are there, are okay.

Challenge instigator also said I would learn a lot from the process, and already I can say how true this. It has taught me as much as some of the art classes I have taken and has been as cheap as a book from the library! :) What is even more fun is diving into the story of the painting. For when I do my interpretation. Looking at the meaning of her symbols. So I can take those meanings forward in my own style. I am geeking out over it already. I have painted this reasonably big (50cm x 60cm) and the companion painting will be the same size.

So here is the reference photo I used:

Reference Photo

Here are my progress shots so far…from the charcoal sketch on canvas, through to where the painting is now…

Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #1
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #2
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #3
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #4
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #5
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #6
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #7
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #9

And this is where I am up to now…
Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait 1940 Study WIP #10

I have the dress, thorns, hummingbird and this:
Reference Photo
to look forward to tomorrow. The dainty details that scare me!

I have still been doing the Daily Paper Prompts each day and working on my found word poetry, but when looking at my photos just now, I see I have only been taking photos of my easel!! So will fix that tomorrow. :)

In super exciting news I have been interviewed. OH MY GOSH! Thrilling and exciting don’t begin to cover it. I was honoured when Tammy (from Daisy Yellow) interviewed me, she was one of the first blogs I followed when I was looking for more creativity in my life, but not knowing where to start. So that can be found here. A huge honour!


7 thoughts on “Channeling Frida

  1. She is totally fabulous! And I love how you painted her. I’ve done a series of inspired by famous paintings but couldn’t make it as far as I wanted too. I still have sketches that need to be finished off. :)

  2. I must admit – I’m not a fan of her work but the woman herself fascinates me. I really want to watch the film on her life and I have the book about her journals on my wishlist.

    As for you, you are amazing – I just realised I’m not following your art page so have rectified that and can now watch you in progress, though if you want water cooler conversation you may need to provide me with a comfy seat and some snacks for a couple of months ;)

    I love symbolism in paintings so can totally see why you are geeking out :D

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