Feeling the poetry tonight

I have always had a soft spot for poetry.  It can be soul touching for me in a way that other writing isn’t.  But apart from some angst ridden dribble written when I was a wee slip of a teenager I have always felt too intimidated to write poetry.  I have wanted to explore it a little.  I thought about it more seriously still and bought a book, but I was always a little afraid.

And then I began doing the found poetry that I shared last Friday.  I love it.  It is so much fun and not intimidating at all.  Thankfully I found dreadful books that have great words in them.  I tried reading the books before I began hacking them up and they seem to be custom made for cutting up.

I have nearly finished the first board book.  I will continue throughout August using Tammy’s prompts for my background starts.  I am just loving the exploration.  Seeing the difference my mood has on the words I find as well.  One day I swore there were no words left I could choose, the next day I found potential everywhere.  Here are my latest offerings.

Daily Paper Prompt #3: Fire


Drips, I love how they branched out at the top when I sprayed the water on, so I left it alone. :)

Fire close up

Daily Paper Prompt #4: Labyrinth

You may notice that this has become my header everywhere, here on my blog, on my personal Facebook page, on my Facebook art page…I love the flowers. And I am always partial for some splatter. It is my version of glitter. :D

Labyrinth close up

Daily Paper Prompt #5: Heard

This is where it was originally going to finish:
Heard wip

I wasn’t in love with this. I used my Pentel Color Brush to create a continuous line and my original plane was to spray the page and do a wet wash with some india ink colours. However the pen is not permanent, and so I mopped up the water quickly before I had no line left and just a black page. I decided to try a couple of circles and then decided to cover the page. Found the poem and there it was…

While I was doing the next page, and looking at this photo above, I suddenly say the red circle.


I like it much better now.

Heard close up

Daily Paper Prompt #6: Quiet

The first layer of this page was this:
Quiet wip

It was written with my Neocolors, so I added some gesso for the first layer. With some more acrylics and even some embossed butterflies I was happy with it. The circles at the bottom are stamped with gold iridescent paint which contrasts nicely on the page.


I have been using airbrush acrylics for the drips, and I love that stuff. Like ink almost. Stunningness and vibrant and makes wonderful drips.

Quiet close up

Daily Paper Prompt #7: Meaningless


The background was started with the left over paint from my denim journal page (which is coming up :)) I just kept the book out and wiped my brush on the page when I was changing colour, or if I had too much paint on my brush. Then I started to see some shapes so I began filling them in. Afterwards I added a light gesso wash over the whole page to fade it back a bit and unify it somewhat.

Meaningless close up

I am so inspired by this introduction to poetry, I have even taken some steps to explore it a bit further, and I am adding a poetry category to the blog! It still feels very vulnerable, and while I will be completely up for critique when I begin sharing. I accept you need constructive critiques to get better, I would ask for very gentle critiques, because even the idea of sharing any poetry that I actually write has made my heart beat faster and a glow appear on my brow!

I introduced my denim journal here, and have not worked in it since. The prompt this week is using your non-dominant hand.

I decided to use the denim journal so I dug it out and drew a face with my non-dominant hand:
Denim Journal wip

I then painted her with acrylics. Here is a progress shot from where I started blocking out the main features:
Denim journal wip

And this is where she is now. I love this journal, and I love doing portraits with my non-dominant hand. Both the other portraits in this journal coincidentally were done with my non-dominant hand as well, so I have decided to fill the book with non-dominant hand portraits. :)

Knowing freedom

And that is me, now off to fold a pile of laundry (sexy exciting I know), because the laundry fairy got lost on her way to my house, or someone else captured her and has her bound somewhere doing their laundry.


13 thoughts on “Feeling the poetry tonight

  1. Wow, you sure have been busy! Beautiful backgrounds and I love the found poetry. Have to try that myself some time. Love the denim girl, and the background from “meaningless” is my absolute favorite!

  2. So much magnificent work!!! I love writing poems, it can be a great release when you have no time or inspiration to paint. Just try simple stuff to start, like short verses for greetings cards. I made myself a book to keep my writings in. The first page reads;
    My Own Words,
    A collection of feelings some good and some bad.
    Of melancholy moments on days that are drab.
    Of times when the world had become quite a bore,
    and even just thinking’s a tedious chore.
    Of bright sunny mornings when rain clouds have passed,
    and the feeling of cooling bare feet on wet grass.
    All these and much more you will find in this book.
    So turn all it’s pages and just take a look!

    This gave me a jumping off point to inspire more specific pieces. It might be an exercise you’d like to try, writing a piece about things that inspire you :D XXX

    • I am using the Daily Paper Prompts for the background, and the poetry I am just grabbing, that has nothing to do with the prompts at all…I just grab words that I like when I am looking at the background. Except for today’s poem, (because there is always an exception!!) and I chose words and found words that are inspired from the prompt.

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