The Friday round up

There seems to be so much to cover today, I was going to do a post yesterday but ran out of time.


This boy of mine turns 9 tomorrow (the red head with the rugby ball, taken last week). I look at him in awe and wonder where the time has gone. Double digits next year he keeps telling me, the thought brings tears to my eyes. But much of the weekend will be taken up with birthday celebrations, rugby and a sleepover that seems to include pizza and playing the wii with some swimming and trampoline time thrown in. He will be much of my weekend I imagine.

After completing icad I decided to give Tammy’s August Daily paper prompt a go. And to combine that with using up some boardbooks I have collected and a bit of found poetry that I wanted to explore.

So far here are days #1 and #2.

Day 1:
Deepening Dusk

This was meant to be a rainbow, but I didn’t like it, so got out the gesso just to lightly tone it back and I really liked how the paint that was still wet lightly smudged. So I left it like that.

Day 2:

The Butterfly Effect this week has the theme of insects…and this is what I ended up with so far…
Nature WIP

I don’t know how I am going to finish this yet, but so far I really like the bugs…
Nature WIP

Last weekend we took the children to the park. It was a glorious winter day. The sun was shining, blue skies, warmer temperatures…and fricken sea gulls EVERYWHERE. I can be prone to exaggeration (:)) so I grabbed a few photos as proof, but not many came out because I was terrified.  Birds scare me frightfully, even feeding the ducks is an issue for me, and sparrows leave me petrified and frozen.

I tend to the view that sparrows are minions of the devil, building up their population and those that are in the know get constantly attacked and dive bombed.  (As I said, I am prone to exaggeration!)  Suffice to say I was a lot more concerned and wary than the other parents around me seemed to be.

Every building around the park had gulls on the roof. And people seemed not to notice?!  It staggered me. A couple of times I actually hid behind my beloved, subtly of course! :) He told me to go away from him because they were after me not him. A protective soul to be sure! I get they come inland when a storm is coming, but there was no sign of storm, and they were flying amongst the children, and there were A LOT of them.

Anyway…the point of that story and my showing you so many photos (as well as appreciation if you can offer any explanation) is that it inspired this:

And the piece that I was completely stuck with last week, ended up here on Sunday:


No further progress since then though.  And I am not sure quite where it is going yet.

And I am linking up to Paint Party Friday, before I go to buy ingredients for homemade burgers which was the request for Sebastian’s last day of being 8 celebration dinner.


38 thoughts on “The Friday round up

  1. Your paintings are wonderful! I love your rainbow… and the insect is, um, an insect. Love the background and texture in it. Where you are not so pleased with birds, I’m like that with insects. o.O
    Happy Birthday tomorrow to your 9 year old son. They grow so quickly, don’t they? Happy PPF!

  2. wow, a lot here LOL. The birds are great- reminding me of the Hitchcock movie (wooo if that don’t make a person dislike birds I don’t know what would). Also love the process that your other one went! From rainbow to not…. acrylics are fun that way – alicia at

  3. U are too too funny. Hitchcock’s The Birds comes to mind here…ILOVE your painting of the seagulls. One of my most favorite birds. But I do agree that was a LOT OF THEM all in one place at one time. Is the ocean across from the park? Happy B day to your cute son! Yes, they grow up way too fast. enjoy every minute.

  4. The painting is absolutely fantastic! Love the texture, very nice! Fun photos too
    Seems like a picture is missing, all I can see is the code, maybe it was not entered in the html past? Just thought you’d like to know

  5. Great post! Happy 9th birthday to your wee boy. I love the insects painting as well – great texture with the paint. Your bit on the birds made me laugh – I can see how they’d be scary in such large numbers swooping down! I think gulls have just cottoned on to the fact that the junk food remains us humans leave lying around tastes better and is easier to catch than their usual food source!

  6. Seagulls are everywhere every time we go down to the waterfront, but luckily they never venture more near our house which is only 5 minutes walk away… such a relief… having said that I love the painting that came out of them… it is my favourite piece from your post, though there ar elots of wonderful ones on there…xx

  7. Your bug painting is fantastic. I’m a bug and bird person, so seeing those seagulls made me excited. For someone who is scared of the bird, you sure did a fabulous painting of them.
    Hope your little fella has a great birthday.
    Von PPF

  8. Wow! You’ve had lots going on this week! I love the look of the gesso working with the wet paints in your rainbow piece- all that blending is the perfect way to show a rainbow!

  9. I loved this post!! A picture really is worth a thousand words!! Your disconnect says it all I LOVE IT!! You absolutely captured the sentiment in your post with that piece of art!! Very cute, very funny…sorry I\’m not laughing at you!! The seagull artwork is great too!! As for the bird
    thing, you need to watch the big bang episode where Sheldon is afraid of a bird on his window sill! You could probably relate… I just saw it again and this brought it all back!! My daughter is similar to you!! Happy birthday to your big boy! My son-in-law has his 27th on the 5th…if your son grows even a little bit like him you will be truly blessed!! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Your paintings are wonderful. And happy b-day to your rugby star. I think those bugs are magnificent. I especially like where your stuck painting ended up. Very nice. Happy PPF

  11. i love those bugs!!! looks like they are peering out of a hole, looking down on a distant town, wondering whether to venture out or not….:D And the gulls would have bugged me too, looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie :S XXX

  12. ohmygod, you bugs. i love your bugs. and I want to go climb all over that red structure in the park, even if it’s covered in seagulls. I’ve never seen anything like that. Sorry about your bird trauma, but it resulted in a great painting. win!

  13. Oh, I love that red hair….and he’s turning 9! Happy Birthday to your boy!
    My girl is starting 1st grade….and yes, time does go by way too fast :(

    I’m here via Butterfly Effect, and I like how the bugs in your piece seem to be spectators…..but for what? Still waiting to be revealed….heehee….

    I don’t have a fear of birds….but, I agree, that is an awful lot of them! I find seagulls to be sneaky and don’t trust them. One snatched a sandwich right out of my daughter’s hands at Sea World once!

  14. Love the bugs and the sea gulls… you are right there was a dreadful lot of them there! All of your paintings are great.

  15. Pfft. You call that a lot of birds? You’ve obviously never been to Hastings ;) It’s an experience, I can tell you, sitting on the beach with a bag of chips and being encircled by them… the circle slowly closing…

    I think they have sussed that where there be children there usually be food and goodies.

    Must admit we are a bird loving family here with a bird table in our front garden bit and one out back plus Craig keeps an ever changing aviary out in the workshop.

    Loving your pieces you’ve been working on, especially the poems.

    Happy belated to your boy. My eldest is 16 next year. I’m just going to ignore it and pretend it’s not happening!

  16. Lovely work. Beautiful colors that surround your insects. What you have with birds, I have with insects though… yuk! You being stuck painting is coming along really well!

  17. I am with you on bird terrorising and I, too, have a redheaded boy who is actually a man of 33, nearing 34. your post is overall rich and delicious with details. I am often a bit undone by finding such remarkable people who, as you’ve done so generously in this post, share their real self “out loud.” I love how you “made the rainbow work” with the gesso and the poeming is exquisite.

  18. Yeah, those seagulls are kind of freaky! I don’t mind most birds, except the domesticated ones. Can’t stand ducks and geese. We had them as a kid. Surprisingly, I really like the insect one, although that brown one looks a bit too roach-like for me. Love the background and the colors!

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