61 index cards present and accounted for!

Oh my gosh.  31st July and 61 cards complete.  I am so grateful to Tammy for her hosting of this event.  I have made new connections and new ideas have been sparked and more than anything else, I am pleased to have actually completed the challenge.  For myself.  Though what I am going to do with these index cards I have no idea as yet.

This is what my pile of glorious index cards look like…

61 Index cards!LOVE!

And here are the last 11:

Icad #51:
Icad 51

I wanted to play with the ladybird prompt Tammy gave, though I was very late to actually do it. :) But done none the less, and very heavily collaged with book text and coloured tissue paper.

Icad #52:
Icad 52

The first layer was smooshing first layer of card #51, and then I got out my casein paints, and smudged. Those paints smell beautiful. I was just seeing how they blended, which was well I thought. Once the card was finished I thought it needed something else, and had that scrap on the table so I used that. :)

Icad #53:
Icad 53

I had the paint pushed through the sequin waste already on to some book text, and decided to see how the casein paints worked through stencils. When that was done I roughly went around the outside of the stencil with my white pen. I then just layered some scraps I had lying around and called it done when I was happy!

Icad #54:
Icad 54

This was another background I had ready for a while, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The base is some ephemera scraps, covered in pattern tissue paper, and gesso or acrylics. On top of that I had twinkling h20s.

When I rediscovered the background in my icad box I saw a fish/mermaid tail so I painted that with sumi ink, and then layered on some coloured indian ink and some fluid acrylics.

Icad #55:
Icad 55

On this I was just testing my oil pastels covered in beeswax and damar resin, to see if I could limit smudging using my quilting iron and some fixative spray. I should have broken out my clear gesso to set the oil pastels first. And used a brush and heat gun for the wax rather than the iron. The smudging wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be though.

Icad #56:
Icad 56: Background 1

Icad 56: Background 2

There are two photos for this index card because I liked both the backgrounds I used. :) This was just a cut out, and then I painted the negative space shapes. I really like how this came out, though I wish I had been neater with the paint!

Icad #57:
Icad 57

This was another prepainted background using left over paint from either another card or journal page. I then covered it with some pattern tissue paper that had been painted. And then I just grabbed stuff out of my box of scraps. One of my boxes of scraps!! :)

I ripped some scrapbooking paper I had from somewhere, and grabbed a doodle that I had done on a shopping list a while ago. I had already used half the face on one of my journal pages and that half was sitting there. And then the girl is one of the first girls I drew a few years ago with my prismacolours. I had ripped her out of sketch book a while ago to use on something, so I tore her to size and stuck her on. I was very happy to be using scraps on this card and felt very virtuous. :D

Icad #58:
Icad 58

This card is a messy hodge podge. I had stuck some painted ledger paper down a while ago when I wanted to use it up. Then I smudged on some oil stick, and pushed some casein paint through a stencil. I had some green paint on the bubble wrap still so I used that. And there it sat. Not finished at all. But then I saw a tag from something we had bought for one of the children, so I threw that on. Did a bit of journaling, to remind me how I have been feeling at the moment and did a few doodles around the tag and the card.

Icad #59:
Icad 59

The background is ephemera scraps and tissue paper and paint and gesso. And when I saw it the other day I smooshed the paint from the stencil on to it (no paint wasted!) from another card. And there it sat.

I have just finished making my own damar varnish with some damar resin and turpentine, and I wanted to see how it went on cards before I try it on my oil paintings. So I put some on, and it dried well. So test number one was a pass. (Actually test number one part 2…the first test, and the first card I tried it on, did not have enough damar resin and the turpentine just soaked into the card, leaving no gloss to speak off.

Icad 59 Close up

This photo is just to show my wonderful damar varnish!

Icad #60:
Icad 60

Looking at this card as I went to write about it, I think this may have been the recipient of the first lot of damar varnish, that needed more resin. But I am not sure. It started with book text, and then I smudged a sequin waste stencil on it to clean the stencil. I may have then used some damar turpentine (not varnish at that stage!). When I grabbed this card, it was with the intention to use my oil pastels and test the damar varnish on them. So I smudged my oil pastels on, etched into them. Used a bit of acrylics and applied the damar varnish.

Icad 60 close up

The turpentine in the varnish did smudge the oil pastels a bit, but I am good with that. This morning, I would have called this test a fail. Over the oil pastels the varnish was very sticky still. Though it was less than 24 hours old at the time. But just having grabbed the card to check, it feels much drier, so maybe it will work, I just need to give it longer. Still…clear gesso and wax are much faster for an impatient soul.

Icad #61:

The last card in the series!!

Icad 61

I saw one of those clapper boards in my head so I roughly drew one, painted black around the outside and stuck some stars I had all over the card. A card of celebration. I wanted the words at the bottom “It’s a wrap” to look like chalk, so I used one of my coloured pencils and I am happy with it, though I wish I had taken more time with the gluing! :)

Still…61 index cards are complete and on time. I feel pretty proud of myself for actually finishing and completing it this year!

And for a bit of fun, and so I could explore the mosaic app here is a mosaic of my cards.

Icad Mosaic #1Icad Mosaic #2

First set:
1. Icad #1, 2. Icad #2, 3. Icad 3, 4. Icad 4, 5. Icad 5, 6. Icad 6, 7. Icad 7, 8. Icad 8, 9. Icad 9, 10. Icad 10, 11. Icad 11, 12. Icad 12, 13. Icad 13, 14. Icad 14, 15. Icad 15 – Part 1, 16. Icad 15 – Part 2, 17. Icad 16, 18. Icad 17, 19. Icad 18, 20. Icad 19, 21. Icad 20, 22. ICAD 21, 23. ICAD 22, 24. ICAD 23, 25. ICAD 24, 26. ICAD 25, 27. ICAD 26, 28. ICAD 27, 29. ICAD 28, 30. ICAD 29, 31. ICAD 30, 32. ICAD 31, 33. Icad 32, 34. Icad 33, 35. Icad 34, 36. Icad 35

Second set:
1. Icad 36, 2. Icad 37, 3. Icad 38, 4. Icad 39, 5. Icad 40, 6. Icad #41, 7. Icad #42, 8. Icad #43, 9. Icad #44, 10. Icad #45, 11. Icad #46, 12. Icad #47, 13. Icad #48, 14. Icad #49, 15. Icad #50, 16. Icad 51, 17. Icad 52, 18. Icad 53, 19. Icad 54, 20. Icad 55, 21. Icad 56: Background 1, 22. Icad 56: Background 2, 23. Icad 57, 24. Icad 58, 25. Icad 59, 26. Icad 59 Close up, 27. Icad 60, 28. Icad 60 close up, 29. Icad 61, 30. 61 Index cards!


17 thoughts on “61 index cards present and accounted for!

  1. Hooray!!! This is such a GREAT post! Congratulations on all 61 cards! Wheee!!! I am a fan of them all – I love the way you are so free and uninhibited with your painting :) I think the card that has the 2 versions (the black one with the cut-out) is absolutely fabulous & I am glad you weren’t “neater” with the paint, because I truly think they are perfectly magnificent just the way they are!


  2. Congratulations on completing your index cards! Your mosaics look great, as does your stack of cards. And I especially love your ladybug card from this set of cards! It is very bright and cheerful and has such interesting texture.

  3. Congratulations on getting to the end of the challenge! I really love that first ladybug card. All are great though…such wonderful materials you have played around with to create your cards. Awesome mosaic too…I really should figure that out myself!

  4. oh this is just wonderfull, Natasha!! I loved reading your process and comments and I, too, think this has been an enormous and wondrous opportunity to “meet” new people who I’d likely NEVER have met. you’ve given me ideas, and so have others, plus there is what happened to me, adding in another new “happy habit” and kudos to Tammy!!!

  5. Wow these look great :) I love the variety of colours and how each one is so different from one of the others :)

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog :)

    Devon x

  6. Such wonderful index cards! I especially like the one with the ladybugs. And that last one is so fitting and way cool! Wish I had thought of doing something like that.

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