One of those unfinishing weeks

It has been one of those weeks where I wonder if me and paint are cursed.  I have worked on paintings and used up paint all to no avail.  I don’t know what it is.  If I am forcing it, or not listening enough, but in any event, nothing this week has turned out very pretty or finished.

Over on my Facebook page I spoke about my difficulty with this:


There were parts I liked, and parts I didn’t.  But I just felt really stuck about where to next. I decided to shift some energy and smudged myself, the dining room (where I make create), even the painting. I lit some incense, played some music and started something else entirely.  And then I saw lines so I did that…

…but now I am stuck again.  So it hasn’t shifted really. Still unfinished and waiting.

I finished this one off as I well I think…finished for now anyway! :)

Changing cycles

And I worked on this. The Butterfly Effect has the topic of Star Trek this week. And I couldn’t resist. I have watched Star Trek since I was a young thing. After my parent’s split up when I was 4, I used to watch it, knowing that my Dad would be watching it at the same time as well, and it was like we were linked, in my head at least.

We have even decided what alien race our different family members would be. He was Vulcan. So when I saw the challenge, I thought Spock. Because he has been after me to do a painting for him. But the painting doesn’t look like Spock, and it was starting to get overworked so I need to leave the oils alone for a bit to dry before I come in again. But it does look Vulcan at least I think. So I have decided it can just be a random Vulcan, not Spock after all.

Also, because I know my Stepmother reads this sometimes, so Wicked Stepmother if you are reading this please, don’t mention this to him! :)


And now we get to the really ugly. I know there are people who say that they have done something ugly, and when you see it, you think to yourself, “Gosh! Really, you are calling that ugly, you should see my ugly!” Sometimes I even wonder if those people are after false compliments.

A bit like those people who tell you to “excuse the mess” when you visit and then you step into a home that looks like it was just featured in a magazine for perfect homes. Sometimes I think my idea of mess is far different from other people’s idea of mess!

But now I am delaying the showing of ugly. I have spent so much time on this. And it has been on the go since last year. It gets started and layered, and then covered and the process begins again. I decided to harness some of last weeks finishing energy, but that seemed to dissipate quite quickly. And now on this layer I am at ugly and going no where fast. And though I am hesitant to show this, I am also harnessing the “keeping it real” energy, and this mess is taking up space on my easel right now, waiting for me to see the light and find a way forward.


And yes, my easel is very overcrowded with unfinished works at the moment.

I am sharing over at Paint Party Friday as well, where you can see some much more completed work I am sure! :)


32 thoughts on “One of those unfinishing weeks

  1. I love Spock! :) He does look like him to me. But what do I know, eh? :)) Hope you get to finish all of these unfinished ones but they’re looking mighty fine. :)

  2. Well, I have to say, I think all your art is brilliant! And, I am not just being kind! The one you are calling ugly, I see two heads and an arm. I love the colors in it too ;o) I think you are doing great with them all! Have a terrific day!

  3. Loving each step of the process in your WIP!
    What wonderful rhythm and movement and lines!!
    Happy PPF!!

  4. Oh, I sooooooo hear you about being stuck. I feel the same way and can’t seem to budge. However, I know (as you do) this too shall pass. We will come out of it and find a brilliant path to get back on and get going again. Your Spock is great. Your mess is great too. The tree, the circles – all great. Keep at it :) Happy PPF

  5. I love the one you’re having trouble with. Have you thought about turning it upside down? It looks like balloons to me, under a party paperstrip banner.
    But that could just be me, LOL.

  6. There must be something the air about unfinished work- I keep adding to my pile of unfinisheds. Love the Vulcan- I am a Trekkie and rarely do I see that in art. Thanks for all the eye candy!

  7. I think he looks like a very young Spock. Even Spock had to be young at some point, right? I can’t think of a better gift than a painting of a Vulcan! Who wouldn’t love that? <3

  8. Love the lines you’ve added…makes the image more “stable”….love the Vulcan…your dad will too…and yes…that is UGLY lol I would suggest a thick layer of white gesso, and start with a new title…something like “skeletons in my closet”…or “nightmares from my past” lol :D XXX

  9. wow. Your paintings are fab! I love the colors and I want to touch it. The lines and circles, oh my! I am really loving it all. And Spock. Amazing!

  10. Oh, it’s awful to be caught in the Suck Vortex. I think some paintings get sort of jinxed, they get so layered up with all our dissatisfaction and frustration that they are never going to be right. Sometimes admitting defeat with a piece of art, ripping it up and tossing it in the bin gives me the greatest feeling of freedom.
    Creative time is too valuable to keep struggling with a painting that just doesn’t want to be painted.

  11. I actually love the ugly – it looks lovely and energetic to me :D that’s the whole idea of shadow energies and stuff, in Jungian terms, I suppose – each person has their own Shadow, which is just the darker splinter of someone else’s light – or their own light, I suppose – to say, there’s no real ugliness, just degrees of intensity :D Also really ADORE the way the painting made progress after the smudging – the first one seems lackadaisical & tired, whereas after it seems more driven & lively. I’ll have to remember to do that! – alicia at

  12. I love your tree. I touched the leave. And I must be art-dumb *sigh* but I think everything looks amazing (and I adore Vulcan Spock lol). Your “ugly” might not be finished, but I found myself lost in it. I saw faces, butterflies, waves… so many things. And, of course, the trickling of time ;)

  13. You call THAT ugly? Pfft! Like other s have said – I could sit and look at it for ages, there are so many things peeking out of it!

    I just love your vulcan, I’m a secret Star Trek fan too though I preferred the new Generation and all the spin offs – espesh the one where they were lost in space, what was that… the one where the captain always reminded me of Katherine Hepburn! To this day I have yet to see the final episode! So I don’t know if they ever did make it home!

    At least you had a not getting finished week – I had a not even getting started week – don’t know what’s happened but I certainly can’t believe it’s the weekend again already!

  14. oh, those lines!!! i love them! thank you for sharing your thoughts – i think many of us can relate to these feelings on some level. i think i had an unfinished year of art once, too. that was rough. used lots of smudge that year. ;-)

  15. To borrow a phrase from a certain someone…. “Fascinating.”

    Great job on the Vulcan… and he is Spockish, even if not Mr. Spock himself. Even the little details like his hair bring him to life. And I really like the drippy line effects in the other paintings. It really gives them both a sense of excitement.

    As for your last piece, what I know about abstract art would fit in an ant’s mouth. So I won’t presume to judge it. For me art, regardless, of the type, is simply a matter of, is it fun or not? Does it make your eyes linger? What other images does it evoke? I think this piece is pretty interesting in a street art graffiti-ish kind of way, and I like the bright colors and that it looks like a guy playing an instrument. For whatever that observation is worth.

  16. I LOVE the colors!!! The first 3 pieces are great, love the drips! The star trek, well I’m not a fan but I can appreciate the artwork :o)
    And what can I say about the ugly….? it made me smile. I like it…. looks all crazy and whimsical, colorful, fun…
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love the colors and the drips in your WIP’s. When you’re stuck maybe you should watch Flora’s video’s again. I watched it again last week, and it was that one video where she said to focus on what’s working on your canvas, even if it is only a tinly little bit, or a combination of colors. And it helps to do that I find. And your “ugly” painting could be one of the stages of a Jesse Reno. He paints figures all the time and then paints over them again. This would be a good starting point for a painting like that. Keep going!

  18. Thanks for sharing! I love your ugly. I’d love your unfinished on my table (no easel here). Why is it when someone else is stuck, it’s easy to see that that’s part of the process, a little bit of dormancy before things start blooming again. But when it’s yourself (myself) it’s just STUCK with no end in sight.

  19. I recognized Spock right away. Well he might be a younger Spock. :) I had an Art Teacher once tell me that not every painting we do is going to be a winner. When you get one that isn’t going anywhere and you know it, Toss it out and move on. So Keep painting. We learn from everything we do good or not so good. HPPF.

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