Sunday Sketches and my weekend…

We have had fine weather for the past few days.  It is still chilly out, but blue sky and sun makes everything feel alright.  I don’t know if it is because I am back in the Morning Page habit again, but I feel like I have been very productive and on top of things.  I still have a giant to-do list, but I don’t think that will ever change, if I ever have nothing to do I will probably be getting sized up for my coffin I imagine.  :)

On Saturday we went to see one of the live performances of NZ’s got talent.  Normally not my thing really, but I thought it would be a good opportunity for the children to see the live show and then be able to see how much editing goes on to get things ready for television.  Whether this will have an impact on the children is anyone’s guess, but the theater was beautiful.  Though yo weren’t allowed phones on or camera’s I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos.  Made me think of the Muppets.


My one main disappointment was the judges, but there were some good performances and though it went on far later than I anticipated, and we left a bit earlier, the children enjoyed themselves.


I will say that reading an article where Rachel Hunter (one of the judges) said she thought there would definitely be sheep in some performances, because it wouldn’t be New Zealand otherwise (?!? because we have sheep running around everywhere???), and then to hear her referring to a couple of acts as “very kiwi” last night made me cringe and think to myself that if she really thinks that, then she has been out of New Zealand for a very long time (which she has).

Watching her performance last night also made me think that Rod Stewart probably didn’t marry her because of their conversations. But it was an experience and hopefully will lead to some lessons for the children on the magic of television and reflections on what is left in and what is left out and how things are pieced together. Hopefully :)

My Sunday Sketch this week is a study of Nicolae Grigorescu painting. I will be doing the sketch in my art journal again, but I wanted to try and get a sense of the dimensions before I started in my art journal.

Nicolae Grigorescu Study

Overall I am very happy with this. I imagine in the next sketch there will be much less charcoal as I will be adding paint, but I really like the feel of the charcoal on this. And the white stabilo pencil that I scribbled on where the highlights were.

Nicolae Grigorescu StudyIn other news I have just started tracking the moon and it’s travel through the astrological signs and elements making notes of different things going on for me, I have a geeky excitement at what that may reveal to me about myself.  Another level of awareness and another tool in my toolbelt.  Time will tell, but I am enjoying the tracking of the information.  The right brain analytical side of me is feeling very content at the moment with a new research project.  :D

Finally Victoria drew a picture of me as a Queen…I can’t say I was disappointed. :)  I only wish I had her hair and shoes…:)


I also made Victoria a scrapbook so she can stick all her pictures of “Princess Kate” that she has been collecting in it. She is very fond of the new princess, because they look a bit like twins with their long brown hair, only Victoria is a wee bit prettier…according to her! Modest as well. :) I am impressed with her scrapbook so far, she has thrown a bit of paint in there and drawn a couple of pictures and written a couple of things in it. A keeper for sure when it is finished.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Sketches and my weekend…

  1. You captured the serenity of the child in your study of Grigorescu’s painting. I’m not familiar with his work, but it appears he may be from the chiaroscuro school, which you did. I love Victoria’s portrait too. She’s definitely a gifted little artist in the making. Blessings!

  2. I love all the thinking you did behind taking the kids to the show. Mine watch all that crap *cough* quality television and quite often the people that get through.. they’re all ” er, I don’t remember their audition!” No, because it’s far more entertainment to show the poor suckers that can’t sing getting insulted by the judges who think they’re so much better. Gaaargh! (Can you tell I just love these shows? But I watch as it’s about the only thing that we all sit down and watch together – for some reason The Walking Dead doesn’t float their boat! Go figure! Plus they bribe me with big bowls of ice-cream!)

    Love your study of the girl and am fascinated by your tracking of the moon – please share with us how that goes!

  3. Hail to the Queen! Your daughter is so cute and admires you so much. Your sketch is just beautiful, I love all the dark edginess of it.
    I’m interested in knowing how your astrological chart is affecting your work. I read tarot and do astrology as well.

    There was a recent sun flare that scientists said affected not only the energy field around the earth but energy fields around people, making them feel unwell. I felt sick all week, just dizzy and nauseous, Then a friend happened to send me this scientific article on sun-flares!

  4. Your Sunday sketch has a lot of character and it’s all your own. Great job on that! Yes, the theatre does remind me of the muppets too! Animal was my favorite. :) Now I have the music in my head! …that’s a good thing…happy.

  5. The charcoal drawing is really wonderful–I love the hidden quality of the face and your bold application of charcoal. And Victoria’s drawing–is there anything more fearless than kids’ drawings? So sure of what they want to say.

  6. Love the charcoal – I have never tried it. And I’m such a sucker for dabbling insomething new!
    Kids drawings are such a delight – so full of joy and promise, and a real testament to the “of course I can” attitude that, sadly, some lose far too soon. Her collection will become a treasure.

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