Showing signs of finishing at last…

I don’t know what it is, but I have far more half started projects than finished ones.  All of a sudden though I must have some finishing energy around because I have started on a spree of pulling out half finished projects and taking steps to finish them.

She knows

This has been sitting around for a while and I thought the finishing was going to take longer than it did. Turns out it was only a few tweaks she needed. I think sometimes it is the amount of time a job is going to take in my head that puts me off starting. I am always pleasantly surprised when it takes a lot less time, and I have cause to wonder why I put this off for so long.

This is painted in oils, and she makes me insanely happy, even more happy that she is finished and can now wait for curing and varnishing! :)

Georgette Chen Portrait

And this was painted yesterday in my art journal with acrylics and I am totally stoked with her as well. And totally stoked with her ear!! :)

And I have other projects pulled out for me to attack this weekend. I don’t know if there is some cyclical energy heading my way with the middle of winter upon us, (or maybe the iron tablets I have just started taking are kicking in) but whatever the case is I am very glad.
And I am linking to Paint Party Friday this week, which is even more exciting!!


30 thoughts on “Showing signs of finishing at last…

  1. Great ear!!!! and I work the same way with finishing off all sorts of things in one or two sessions… glad there is someone else out there who is the same… love the first one as well by the way…xx

  2. I love doing this…sometimes I think we get stuck because we are lacking a particular technique to get the effect we want….then one day we look at the piece and realise we now have that technique and woo hoo….satisfaction :D XXX

  3. I used to think I was one of those people that started a project and stuck with it till I finished. Then, somewhere, somehow, I ended up with all these canvasses that are either backgrounds that I fell in love with and got to scared to put anything on top of or I have half finished mixed-media pieces and sketches and I think… how did that happen? Hopefully with this being the last day of school I can find some time over the holidays to make a start (or finish!) Either that or I will get exactly zero time with my paints ;)

    Love your ladies and I always admire people that can work with oils – it’s something I have never really properly tried – they scare me for some reason!

  4. Just reading your post is giving me momentum to get some of the many works in progress moving again! Loved your work over at PPF! I can see why the green one makes you so happy- she is stunning!!!

  5. hi natasha,

    thank you for your nice words at my place… : )

    yes, we’re all grown up now with these oil paints! i love them so much!! i had *no* idea the colors would go so far. the slightest little dab goes a long, long ways.

    and also yeah about nondominant hand drawing in a (more or less) controlled way. it’s just always seemed like the way to do it to me…

    beautiful day to you… : )


  6. Isn’t this a fun class? Really it seems more like a great big group paintalong than a class. Love your Chen painting and can’t wait to see which you choose for week 2.

  7. I agree, it never takes as long, and I always hate it, but leaving it and coming back to it, it is OK. Your work is wonderful and fresh. Blessings, Janet PPF

  8. I am happy for you1 It is like a weight off the shoulders! Your paintings are really beautiful strong women. I especially like the second one with the Asian feel. Great ear as you say!

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