Ahead of the game…


It is not often that I feel ahead, and because of yesterday and these Icads, I am literally a day ahead.  So yay!

What is even better, is that I had a plan for today’s card already so I am going to do that later today ready for tomorrow!!

I can’t believe that I am at index card #50!!!  How did that happen??  Every day is the answer.  Consistency, not beating myself up and every day.  Which is not to say that there was a card completed every day, because some cards took multiple days, but I tried to do something everyday.

These cards are wonderful for recording new techniques or putting things into my memory to try again later.  Somethings have been really surprising as well, in the outcomes and how much I did or didn’t like it.  Overall this has just been a really successful burst of creativity that I suspect will inspire new ideas so much more than I ever expected.  And there is such a sense of accomplishment.  Like finally…I have completed something!!  :)  Because I am a finisher… :D

So for the cards…

Icad 41 and 42:

Icad #41

Icad #42

Icad 41 and Icad 42 were completed together.  My daughter had a book from the library by Marcus Pfister, that was about a little girl with a flower for a best friend and the seasonal cycle, and though I can’t find the book that I/we read, the illustrations really inspired me.  Where he had smooshed paint for the illustrations.  And he did this to the girl…so she was built up in smooshed layers and completely stunning.

As an aside, I am eternally grateful for a daughter that when she selects her books, always makes sure she has one with stunning illustrations for her geeky mother.  In fact she yells down at me from the children’s section to tell me she has found a book with good art for me.  LOVE.  That she does that for me, and that she notices.  LOVE.

So any way, I decided to do the rainbow smooshing, and because the smooshing in the illustration wasn’t blended, I assumed each smooshing layer was dry, so this took a little while, and the results are not stunning for me, but enough to remind me that I want to play with this technique some more.

My original intention was only for the first card, and then with the smooshing card I intended to smoosh those bands of colour all over the place, but I liked the way it looked, so I kept going with another rainbow.  The first card was painted black first, and so the second card does look different in person at least.  Brighter and reminded me of blue sky rather than gray sky.  :)

Icad 43:

Icad #43

This card was the biggest pain in the neck I have ever tried to get a decent photo of.  Surprisingly.  I nearly broke out the scanner before I decided this photo would do, because the scanner is also known as an object of torture.

This is another card based on an child books author.  In face I loved this guy’s illustrations so much I am going to buy the book.  Amazingness.  And he used drawings that his children had done as well and the book is full of amazingness.  Chris McKimmie, and the book was Alex and the watermelon boat.  I note it only came out in June of this year (as I just looked him up), so I am also very impressed with our library.  It is a magical, delightful imaginative story, and the illustrations just grabbed me.  So, I am going to check out his other books, and buy this book.

Icad 44:

Icad #44

I decided to paint the card for the rainbow black first, but I wanted to use a big housebrush, and after I had more paint on the brush I also painted on the backgrounds for a couple of other cards (See 43, and 44 above). And also another couple, still not used. I originally intended this would be just using up paint, and that more layers would go upon it, until maybe there was no black left to be seen, but this card and the nothingness card did not end up that way. I saw the background and instantly say no paint but doodled flowers, so I went with it. I used my new Sakura Souffle pen, and at first I thought this pen was no good because the white seemed very translucent and gray. BUT, Oh My Gosh. When this pen dries…it is stunning. I love it, and want to play some more. My previous favourite white pen has been the Uniball Signo, but this may be up there if it continues to work so well.

Icad 45:

Icad #45

This card was pure laziness and serendipity. I was painting and Pmsy, and grumpy and when I pulled the masking tape of the paper I was painting, I saw the painted strips and didn’t want to waste it…like homemade washi tape (assuming that is how it is spelt, and I am too lazy to check now.) But I didn’t have anywhere for it right then and there so I stuck it on an index card, and at first I intended it would just be a background, but I liked these colours and thought it kind of worked as it was…and I was pmsy and grumpy and lazy so I called this card done! :)

Though…there is another card with the same masking tape that had less paint and did not work at all, so I covered it with gesso and used the tape as a background only.

Icad #46:

Icad #46

This card was painted with heavy bodied acrylics and I wanted to see if it would stick pattern paper that I happened to have on the table so I stuck it on, and I really liked it. I just did an embossed butterfly on it, and rubbed some walnut ink over it.

Icad 47:

Icad #47

This card used the left over masking tape that I gessoed over. I then used some heavybodied acrylics, twinkling h2os, and I drew a circle with the air brush acrylics, still not sure what I was going to do and then I saw the face, so I played with my sumi ink, practicing using the ink with a brush and with some semblance of control. :)

Icad #48:

Icad #48

I have been wanting to experiment with making stencils from photos for ages. Self portraits for my journal. And I finally decided that yesterday was the day. I spent much of the day fiddling around with taking photos of myself and fiddling in photoshop and screeching and cutting out stencils. I was originally going to try cutting a stencil out of the index card, but after two attempts, my patience wasn’t there. So I got out the wood burner (does it have a proper name??) and burnt the stencil into an old plastic file instead. I then “practiced” spraying the paint on index cards through the stencil.

I have discovered as much as I love Street Art, I would be a bad street artist. I can not wield spray paint with finesse. Also I want some adhesive spray. And even though I painted outside, I still got a massive headache, so I want to find some less chemically-ish spray paints if that is possible.

Also the first photo I turned into a stencil was terrible. After realising I needed some white “bridges” in my stencil, I added some in the hair which I am not happy with, but it was only my first stencil.

Icad #49:

Icad #49

My second stencil, that did not take nearly as long! And I am happier with it, thought there is still more I want to practice.

As I write this, I realise I have a missing index card somewhere, because one of the experiments had a stencil imprint that had some dripping hair and looked a bit vampire-ish that I began painting, and I am looking around sort of and can’t see it, so will have to locate it later.

And finally…Icad #50:

Icad #50

I had a couple of spare images from my stencil making so I used one of them on a card that some some book text on, and I attempted a transfer with Matte medium. Which actually worked well, despite the fact I rubbed too hard and I didn’t wait until it was dry. I also wanted to try Stabilo Woody pencils heated up with a heat gun…I had heard that made them extra wonderful and I concur. They almost melt and go shiny and yum.

In other exciting!! news…I have new slippers which means my toes are warm for the first time in a very long time…I detest cold toes, even after wearing three pairs of socks and wearing homemade alpaca wool socks, I still had cold toes…not anymore. :)

AND over the weekend I saw a magnolia tree in BLOOM! I got excited and declared spring was nearly here. My beloved was not nearly so supportive, reminding me were only half way through winter…but there has been sun for the past two days, so I am calling it nearly spring. And my slippers are on and I have warm toes!

Life is good! :)


13 thoughts on “Ahead of the game…

  1. I love love love 47!! And the rest too – I like your style, ma’am!

    I didn’t work on an ICAD at all today!! And it’s just a few minutes until midnight here. Oops! The first time I ever was behind. Oh well, I made zucchini pickles tonight instead!

  2. I definitely need to play along with ICAD next time if your creativity is anything to go by. Love your smooshing and your love of illustrated childrens books! (Same here so thank you for the links *g*)

    Have you seen Sarah’s blog? She is also doing ICAD and EDM so you probably have but just in case you haven’t – on her sidebar she has a fabulous stencil tutorial and she uses spray paints a LOT so you might be able to get some recommendations out of her for non-headachey paint.

    Loving all of these – the masking tape – the gesso, the Nothingness, the tip on the white pen (thank you!)


  3. Thought my ears were burning, Carmen :) ha!

    Just came over here from Flickr to say how super cool those self portrait stencils are – WTG!!!! and I LOVE that card with the colourful masking tape too (you know, the one you slapped together when you were grumpy and tired, isn’t that just the way, that’s when I make some of my best stuff too (and some of my worst stuff, but that goes straight into the bin :) )

  4. each one of these is more delicious than the last. your stencils came out great. a wood burning tool has been on my wish list for a while so I can have a go at more intricate stencils.

  5. Wow! So much good stuff to comment on here. Your stencils from photos are awesome!! I wouldn’t even know how to begin, but I am thinking I should look into it; what an amazing way to personalize art!! I personally LOVE your masking tape strips card, and don’t think it looks like the product of laziness at all. It’s one of my favorites! I like your smooshed paint and your white flowers as well. I agree that children’s books are a great source of visual inspiration, and I love the role your daughter plays in helping you find new goodies at the library!

  6. All of these are wonderful bursts of energy and captured colours, very addictive and 47 resonates with today, I bought some new supplies so now, what to do ;) I am constantly inspired by your posts, I am pretty slack at comments but believe me they brighten my inbox :)

  7. Wonderful cards! I especially like # 43 and #47. I think it’s cool that you used that masking tape on #45. Sometimes something good comes out of pms. ;-)

  8. Oh wow! What a wonderful collection of icads – you have such inspired ideas. I love that you are so inspired by illustrations in children’s books too – I am that geeky mum as well. When we were having a clear out a while back, my youngest one said of a book ” I don’t really read this one anymore but we have to keep it cos mum likes the pictures so much” ;-)

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