Sunday sketches and Every Day Matters

I have been on a bit of an ear mission this week!  See here and here. I have always avoided ears, covered them up usually with hair, or just lightly indicated that they were there, but left it abstracty.

When I did attempt it last year, I completely stuffed it up and so I got so scared I never really tried again.  (Just looking at it now I cringe, though seeing where I have gotten to with some practice is very gratifying as well.)

Elements Water Page

But I finally decided to practice, and to stop procrastinating about it, because of fear.  Hence this week has been the week of the ear.  And it seemed somewhat appropriate that my sketch today should be the ear.  A part of me wishes I had done the sketch earlier, because having names for parts of the ear, helps me contextually with making sure those parts of the ear are there.  I think maybe my geeky, nerdy side.  :)

But here, for Sunday Sketches is my sketch page:

Ear Sketching

While I am here, I am also going to publish my two EDM drawings. I am so glad I decided to do this. And I can’t wait to see my improvement.

EDM #2: Draw a light or lamp
EDM #2

EDM #3: Draw a bag

EDM #3


16 thoughts on “Sunday sketches and Every Day Matters

  1. Oh wow Natasha, wonderful drawings and keep it up! Things will get better and better but you these are so good! What is EDM? see you in class.

  2. Ouh, that’s so inspiring! I love to notice and depict the details too, and your pictures awake my desire to draw something, right now)

  3. Good for you, for challenging yourself every day. I’ve never drawn an ear as I’ve been drawing abstract things for years. It helped with line control but of course did not thing for perspective! I find the cross-hatching and shading in the purse just spot on and wonderful. LIke I can see all of the creases and shadows. Well done!

  4. Hmmm, I think now that Summer of Colour is ending I may have to dip my toe into EDM – are you doing it via a blog that’s setting the theme? I’ve read the book but that’s as far as I’ve got ;)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment over at mine, you know which one! Everyone has been so lovely – I’m glad I posted it now :)

  5. Wonderful sketches Natasha…I’m beginning to regret not joining the EDM challenge myself. I found looking at anatomy pictures helps with figure drawing too :D XXX

  6. wow, great improvement on the ears! your sketches are terrific. my challenge is hands. somehow they just never look quite right. but practice is the answer and you are on the right track. thanks for stopping by my blog–so kind of you to comment. Happy Sketching!

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