Monthly Painting Challenge: June

This month the monthly painting challenge topic was “Reflections”.

Here is my painting, titled “Still there”.

Still there

It is oil on canvas and I love it! There are things I can see are wrong with it, but I love it all the same.

When I first saw the prompt, I was thinking about someone hold a hand mirror and you see the eye reflected, or an old woman looking into a mirror to see a young face reflected, or vice versa. And I think I will probably explore these ideas as well. But when I saw this image I thought of someone feeling their skin, to see if they were still there. At that particular moment, that is the idea that resonated with me. Reflecting and reflections.

Here is a work in progress when I had the first layer down.

Reflections - wip


5 thoughts on “Monthly Painting Challenge: June

  1. I have only dabbled in paint so far… looking forward to that form of expression. My first impression before reading your narrative was of the older woman seeing the reflection of her younger self. Really nice vision… :)

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