Index card love

I am loving index cards.  I started the challenge last year, but due to some unexpectedly personal intense drama I stopped.  I wonder now how those cards of intense drama may have looked.  Not enough to want to go back there though!!  :)

So my cards for this week.  It is so hard to believe that card 41 and 42 are in progress.  The longer I have gone, the more motivated I am to keep with it.  And the surprises and magic that show up on some of the cards are pretty encouraging as well.

ICAD 36:

Icad 36

I am happy with this butterfly, there are things I would do differently, but I was secretly testing a pen to see if it was waterproof or not, so I was prepared for this butterfly to be a smudgy mess if it turned out it was not waterproof. I was stoked with the pen, and the butterfly.

ICAD 37:

Icad 37

I LOVE THIS CARD. Once a very long, long time ago I went through a “environmentalist/hippie” phase, (I never entirely left :)), but during that heady school girl passionate and eager to make the world a better place phase I attempted tie dying unsuccessfully. It didn’t look like the rainbow image in my head at any rate. But this card.

This card is that image in my head. If my tie-dying adventure back then had come out like this, I may have been the unshaven dreadlocked childless world changer living in a yurt person that I dreamt of back then. I had no expectations for this card and it exceeded all of them. I just dropped some ink and sprayed. The colours diluted a bit more than I wanted, so I added some more ink and then left it in front of the fire with dire warnings for the man of the house/fire stoker to disturb at his own risk. I used red, yellow, pink, blue and green and YUMMY goodness resulted. I am going to dry this in my journal.

ICAD 38:
Icad 38

This card came from a tea towel that I saw at the local art gallery. I saw the words on the tea towel and then instantly saw a dandelion with a tonne of kisses all over it. I didn’t go closer to inspect the tea towel because I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t match up to the image in my head. This card did not quite match up to the image in my head either. But it will be a good reminder for when I pick it up again and play with the idea a bit more.

ICAD 39:

Icad 39

The following admission is going to make me a candidate for Hoarders I am sure!

Earlier this year I made an “inspiration deck” for a swap. When it came time for me to cut the cards from their scrapbook paper backing I noticed that on some of the little strips that were cut from between the cards the paint was divine. So I kept them. A part of it was not wasting paint but really I thought there was some promise for a collage or when I needed a little something. So I KEPT TINY STRIPS OF PAPER. Is it any wonder I need to regularly clear my stuff out!!

But for this card I went to my box where I keep little offcuts of bits from other pieces or projects, and started layering them down. My intention was then to gesso and paint a background. But I layered one of the strips on the scrapbook paper and I liked it. SO I put some more down. And I liked that, so I searched through the box and I think I have all of them on this card. Which took a little while and I had gel medium all over my fingers, but this is amazing to see and feel in person.

ICAD 40:

Icad 40

The other day in my twitter stream I saw this quote and I wrote it down. Because I liked it. When I was doing card 39 above, I had started this card as well, and did it how I planned 39 to look. And then when it was finished I remembered the quote and decided to change the font to my favourite font and print it out.

And notice the reinforcement stickers at the side. From somewhere, maybe when I was on Swapbot I got a sheet of those rainbow reinforcement stickers. I assume they are called reinforcement stickers, they go around the punched holes in refill pads for school, so binders don’t rip them. But anyway, whatever they are called I found them while I was looking for something else and so grabbed them to stick on.

I then got very impatient at how things were drying, and so I used the heat gun on the card briefly to quickly dry it. AND THE STICKERS MELTED. How cool is that. I may have then put the heat gun on them on purpose after that. Possibly I am a secret pyromaniac.

I was hoping to have finished card 41 that was done yesterday this morning, but it didn’t happen, so this is where my cards are up to! :)

Can I also say, that if you are feeling shy about adding your cards to the Flickr group that Tammy has set up then don’t. There are over 6000!!!! cards in the group and people are so supportive and motivating. There is so much inspiration to be had over there as well. :)


11 thoughts on “Index card love

  1. Regarding the scraps-of-paper collage, I used little edge scraps on an early art journal page, and I remember it being almost mesmerizing, just putting those little lines of paper on top of each other mixed with glue. Great collection of cards! The tie dye card looks like you used frisket or a mask of some sort, quite fun.

  2. Your cards are gorgeous! It is impossible for me to pick a favourite; every one has something about it that just fascinates me. The one with the tiny scraps of paper is especially neat. It looks so multilayered and multidimensional. And the butterfly in card 36 and the spirals in card 37 are also great. I love your bold lines. And now I want rainbow reinforcement stickers too!

  3. Your cards are amazing! I liked them all! I like reading the process behind the making of them and just like you I too would have kept the paper strips.

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