The art post! :)

This is the post I meant to write yesterday, though it turned into a post not about art so I went with it.

My muse is lingering lately and I am very grateful.  As well as Icad (the post of my updates will be up tomorrow), I have been playing in my journal and knitting and painting.  Painting, painting, painting.

This background was painted inspired completely by the 4 elements of air, water, earth and fire.  Building on the senses painting the other day Hali‘s second part of her workshop involved working with the elements.  I am a very strong fire sign.  A Sagittarius (a fire sign) and a Fire Snake as well, and I have all those qualities in abundance.  The good, as well as a VERY strong shadow side as well.  :)

The elements and nature’s cycles have always interested me.  I would much rather work in the flow of life than struggle against the current, and there is so much knowledge to be had, and truths to be found.  Suffice to say, I loved the class.  :)

This canvas was originally the canvas in the second photo down in this post.  When I went to get some paper to paint this, I saw the canvas there and saw the elements tiered down the canvas in levels.

Elemental cycles - wip

I added in some more drips of my Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold and some magenta and turquoise just to tie it in a little bit more together. Once I got to this stage, I wanted to try self-leveling gel mixed with iridescent paint.  I used some gold, and I loved the effect.

Elemental cycles - wip

Depending on where you stand the colour changes…

Elemental cycles - wip

It is utterly gorgeous.

Elemental cycles - wip

But still just a background, and then I saw a tree, with one red leaf. Trees needing all the elements, as does most life, but very metaphoric for me is this winter tree I saw. My problem being that I struggle to draw trees. So I turned to my sketchbook.

The tree I ended up doing is collaged in German book text.

Elemental cycles - wip

I then pulled the bottom of the trunk down a bit and painted coated it with polymer gloss, before I touched the ground line slightly with some more Nickle Azo Gold. I may darken that up some more. I am sitting with it at the moment. As well as feeling very reflective and representative of me at the moment, I have also wondered for a long time what it feels like to be the last leaf on the tree. Having just gone through autumn that inspiration has been in my head as well.

Elemental cycles

The other side of that thought, the first leaf on the tree was recently brought to my attention as well, which is a whole other dynamic. Also cyclical to natures seasons as Spring is coming…soonish…so there may be a season of trees coming…a series maybe (which makes me feel like a proper artist!!) :)

In other arty news, I have a new book to work in…and it makes me tingle with excitement.

Altered book - start

(A school logo for one of the local schools, I went there for one unfortunate year, when we first moved here when I was 16).

AND then on the inside, this treasure…

Altered book - start

I am such a history geek. Imagining her holding the book, and receiving the book, and the stories the book can tell. Although this does make me also feel a little hesitant to work in it. I don’t want to ruin it. Or disrespect this treasure. So I am conflicted. I may yet end up not using it.

It is a poetry book, in case you are wondering…:)

Altered book - start

AND, AND, AND… look at these deckled pages…

Altered book - start

The question now will be if I use it or not to create in, or if I use something else!!  So I guess I should have said I may have a new journal, or I may not!  :)


4 thoughts on “The art post! :)

  1. absolutely stunningly gorgeous!! And I love this “I would much rather work in the flow of life than struggle against the current, and there is so much knowledge to be had, and truths to be found” Thanks for the thoughts and inspiration and beauty.

  2. If you were making books, you would not be painting this, and it’s a good thing you are doing, this painting. I only wish I could see it in person. So beautiful!

  3. Absolutely agree with what everyone has said – this is one of those paintings that if I were to see it in real life, I’d be having a quick shufty to make sure no one was looking and then running my hands all over that glorious texture. Just beautiful.

    I would share your hesitation about working in your new book… but then I’m like that with new, ordinary sketchbooks. Am terrible :P

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