Wintery sharings…but no art.


It is so cold today, I am wrapped up and still freezing cold.  FREEZING.  That last “freezing” sounds very much like whining (to which I am very attuned to today :)), so I will stop, or the post will be full of whining!


I don’t know where the morning has gone.  I have just fed children and can’t believe it is now after lunch.  It has been a weird morning.  Emotional, reflective, creative, chore-filled, mother-filled.  Just full.  :)  Which is not a bad thing.  I am signed up for two classes, and both started today so I am feeling very inspired right now.  Also, very conscious of my to-do list.


I have been doing my morning pages for a while (a godsend for my sanity and productivity), but just recently joined an online group that is reading through The Artist’s Way again.  That book is such a struggle for me.  I aspire to get past week 5.


Over the weekend we visited a local art gallery and also went for a picnic at a nature park.  If you follow me on instagram (@artytarsh) I bombarded photos of our trip.  It was good, despite there been birds everywhere (birds that TERRIFY me, but I was brave :)).


The children enjoyed themselves.  Roasting marshmellows, going for donkey rides, patting pigs, donkeys, deer, horses, everything and feeding them as well.  MY GOSH!  The CUTEST pig in all the world captured my heart.

Untitled(Look at this beauty…a native kunekune pig…gorgeousness!)

I have just decided to bombard this post with the photos.  It was going to be an art post, but that is not the direction it was going, it feels so much more all over the place (like me today…funnily enough)!





BUT, BUT, BUT I do have some art news…so that post will follow, because I feel this one is probably plenty long enough!

Though just a couple more…

Life lessons for the children captured on camera…not to stand downwind of smoke…


Also…once the father has repositioned you, he will laugh…



5 thoughts on “Wintery sharings…but no art.

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  2. Love these gorgeous photos.

    I’ve been recommended The Artists Way by so many people BUT so many OTHER people have told me it’s full of religion and shmaltz… as someone who is not religious in the slightest this is what’s put me off. So I’d be interested to hear how you get on…

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