Branching out

:)  The title makes me smile, though it is completely applicable in more than one way at the moment!

Sketchbook Tree

I have a piece under way at the moment and I have seen a tree on it in my head, but I struggle to do trees.  I have progressed to the stage that I can do a basic outline and then dab on some foliage and make it passable.  But the tree in my head is a winter tree.  With one red leaf.  So I can’t disguise my tree ineptness with some dabs of my brush.

Sketchbook tree

So I have been noticing trees (thankfully it is winter here and I have plenty of inspiration around me), and sketching trees.  I still struggle.  I think maybe I am trying to draw or paint too much, so I am working at stripping back the branches and the mess to clean up the lines somewhat, so it is less cluttered. I still have more practice to do.

Sketchbook - Tree

For a while now, I have followed the Sunday Sketch people, and their sketches look incredible and a little intimidating, but this week I thought I would join in (because I am branching out…hahaha).  And because this is my sketch book.

Sketchbook - Tree Close up

So I have some bad tree sketches (though not the worst, and certainly not the one that resembled an octopus more than a tree!), and then there was a technique I have been wanting to try, so I tried that out in my sketchbook as well.  Drawing on tracing paper, then painting around the drawing and sticking it onto something.  I had a background from some earlier playing I had done, so I stuck the tree on to that.  I wonder if maybe my tracing paper is not the tracing paper used, because mine was difficult to work with, but that is the point of a sketchbook, to improve and try out new things, see what works and what doesn’t.  I also wanted to play with the concept I have for my painting, which I am happy with still.

If only my tree shaping skills were a bit better…aaargh, back to my sketchbook! :)


12 thoughts on “Branching out

  1. am so glad you joined in! I actually quite love your tree, especially with the embellishments! I think the tricky part about trees and vegetation in general is how different all the different species are, whereas we tend to want to simplify too much and make them all the same. Alicia at

  2. I really like how his turned out and I am so glad that you have joined in… I have had varying success with tracing paper depending on different brands, but of course I can never remember which one I used where… you would think I would remember to make a note wouldn’t you…xx

  3. Your tree is wonderful Natasha…I love the “moment” you have captured, and would love to see the “balance” to this…the first green leaf of spring :D XXX

  4. I struggle with trees too, especially I think because I always ended up being a tree at the school play years back. Seeing your tree does make me feel like I want to attempt this subject without feeling like I can’t do it. Thank you for sharing!
    BTW your little girl is gorgeous!

  5. Although I can sometimes draw leaves, trees continue to be a mystery. I try to see the lines, but they get mixed in my mind. I think that drawing them in winter, as you have, is a great idea. And the tree against the colored background, wonderful.

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