Icad show and tell

I will be sharing index card 35…and 36 is underway…I am so grateful for Tammy and everyone doing their index cards.  I have ideas I want to explore in my journal or on canvas, I have loved just taking some time and playing.  Seeing a new idea and getting something on an index card so I can remember.  And using the prompts as a way to stop blanking out on the card.  Which is not to say there have not been days when I have wanted to not to the index card, but I sit here now with my nearly 3, and I am glad I have persevered.

Icad 32:
Icad 32

When I was doing my manaia (Maori protective spirit) lino printing index cards the other day I used the left over paint to do some mono printing on some cards…nothing flash, and just because I didn’t want to waste the paint and thought it would be just a layer to give some interest for different cards, but when I saw this, I instantly saw hair, so I kept it aside. I brushed over the dried paint with my india inks and then played with some paint and a bamboo skewer.

My daughter upon seeing this, told my son’s friend who I was babysitting that her mother was an artist and this card was proof. Sometimes I don’t know how I could love her anymore and I want to bottle her. Of course yesterday she yelled at me that I was ruining her life…swings and roundabouts always. :)

Icad 33:
Icad 33

I knew there was a flag prompt and so here is the New Zealand flag. Both the children came and made their own flag cards while I was doing this, but when I went to take photos this morning the cards were hidden away, so I will share another day. :)

Icad 34:
Icad 34

This is commonly known as the tino rangatiratanga flag, or Maori flag. Thinking about Independence day that many people are celebrating today this is the flag that came to my mind. Often it is seen as controversial, but the origins were not intended to be controversial, and this description of the meaning is beautiful I think.

Black represents Te Korekore, the realm of potential, the heavens, the long darkness from which the world emerged. Black also represents the male element – formless, floating and passive.

White represents Te Ao Mārama the realm of being, the world of light, the physical world. White also symbolises purity, harmony enlightenment, and balance.

Red represents Te Whei Ao, the realm of coming into being. Red also represents active, lashing, southern, falling, emergence, forest, land, and gestation. Red is the female element, Papatuanuku, the earth mother, the sustainer of all living things. Red is also the colour of earth from which the first human was made.

The Koru (the curling frond shape) represents the unfolding of new life, rebirth, continuity, renewal and hope for the future.

Stolen in it’s entirety from here which also gives more of the flag’s history.

Icad 35:
Icad 35

A bit of levity, and glamour…though perhaps leopard spots are more glamourous! Sometimes I forget how WOW black and white can be together.

It is a rainy wintery day today, a good day for the planned dancing and painting I have in mind. Maybe a movie as well. I will also attempt to try and convince Victoria that it is not quite warm enough for her outfit of choice (EVERY SINGLE DAY), though her solution to my concerns is to offer to put a sweatshirt on.

Victoria's uniform

Victoria's uniform

The woolen singlet poking out from under the t-shirt also seems to be part of her style, though I expect I should just be pleased she is wearing her singlets! :)


11 thoughts on “Icad show and tell

  1. Great cards! I enjoyed hearing the background of your first card, and how you turned leftover paint into a portrait. Lovely Maori flag and zebra print. I see that your little girl likes strips as much as mine…I frequently try to convince her that if her pants have stripes, perhaps we shouldn’t choose a shirt that has stripes as well! (She’s 4.)

  2. Wonderful cards. Funny how you start a card thinking it’s just a background and they take on a life of there own.

  3. I loved reading about the background of the Maori flag – it makes it more beautiful when you know what it represents :)

    Also loving your portrait card – love them all but that one is very striking :)

    With my youngest it’s her welly boots at the moment. OK so a British summer probably means wellies are an essential item, but even on the baking hot, melting into a puddle days?

  4. Oh, I loved reading your post today. I had a good chuckle at your daughter’s comments re being an artist and then ruining your life – that so sums up parenthood! And the outfit is very cute :-)
    I thought the background on the Maori flag was really interesting too.

  5. So cute your girl! Great icad’s, thanks for sharing your process. I was quite touched by the explanation of the Maori flag what a beautiful way of believing about the world. Love your bold graphics. xox

  6. Love all these cards…and the explanation of the Flag was truly enjoyable :D …and your daughter is just precious…individuality at such an early age..magical :D XXX

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