Icad and germs and fabric journals

Those two words in the title don’t go together at well, but my germs in my house are not well behaved at all, and while Sebastian is back at school today my germs seem to have grown overnight despite telling them they only had yesterday.

I spoke to the HR person from my interview tomorrow this morning (because I was shortlisted for another role!?) and she gave me some more old wives tales to try and vamoose the germs.

So now I am off my soapbox that I was on this morning (that was one of the posts saved to drafts that is now OFF my to-do list I am going to show the latest two index cards, that are nothing special and I stuffed up both of them, just to prewarn everyone, but they were completed while sick so I look at both of them and feel victory, so I freaking adore them despite all imperfections :).

ICAD 27My favourite perfume in all the world is Ralph Lauren Romance, that until the last couple of years was ridiculously hard to get here and remains ridiculously expensive.  So you can imagine how close to the surface tears were when I discovered Victoria’s dolls and soft toys were drowning in it after she decided they needed a bit more glamour in their lives.  She did however make me realise that saving it for special occasions was mad, if soft toys could wear it just around the house, so I use it a lot more often now (and I can also better keep track if I notice that the level is evaporating terribly!  :))

ICAD 28I completely stuffed up all the pen lines and the colours are not how I saw them in my head but the card is finished.  I did reconsider redoing the card, but there are still more cards to come, so this is the definitive card #28!

I am currently as I type this post part-listening to our houseguest (introduced here) on the phone “organising” his affairs (I use the word organise very loosely), and I am resisting the urge to grab the phone out of his hands and take over to expedite the process or to just slap him.  I am so grateful for my beloved and grateful to our houseguest for reminding me off one hundred times a day on a daily basis at the moment. :)

I love our houseguest, and he has a big well meaning heart, but I have never known another person to complicate things so much that seem so straight forward, or to make decisions to spend an extra $1200 now to save $600 in two years time?!? $1200 that he can’t spare, and that comes at the expense NOW from his children.

I have to keep reminding my beloved it is not our life, so we shouldn’t comment (even though he still does in his typically blunt way), but now I am having to repeat that to myself in my head (and considering physical violence :)).


With that venting out of the way, I feel so much better (thank you for listening), and here is a fabric journal I made from old denim jeans a few weeks ago, after thinking denim would be a lot like canvas to paint on.  My sewing skills are so very, very limited, so it is not the prettiest looking journal in the world, but it will hold together which is the most important thing.  I did every alternate page with crazy stitching and then a layer of gesso before I get to the paint.

Denim book pages - crazy stitching and gessoed

Denim Book cover - gessoed

My intention is for there to be some painting and some hand sewn stuff and embroidery on the pages so the finished pages will be full of juicy goodness that you just want to touch (and also use up all the bits of lace and ribbons and beads and sequins that I have hoarded but never used).

Here are the first two pages that have been painted so far:

Fabric Journal cover

Fabric journal portrait

So clearly lots still to do, but a good winter project and a start has been made! :) In my head, I see myself sewing away on stormy nights in front of the fire with a mug of tea by my side, I expect the reality will be a lot different and slightly more real with curse words muttered under my breath and blood drawn as I prick my fingers repeatedly with a needle. Hence why so far there is no hand sewing that I can show! :)


10 thoughts on “Icad and germs and fabric journals

  1. How funny and a bit sad your story of Romance is! Great card. Peacock feathers come to mind looking at your second card. Love the idea of a denim journal and I have plenty of old jeans just waiting for a project.

  2. Aw, sorry about the perfume but yes – why save it for best?! I like to say that “being alive is the special occasion” to justify such things :-)
    I really love the denim fabric journal – great reuse!

  3. As you probably guessed by clicking on my avatar, I not only do an art/craft blog but a perfume one as well. I have never sniffed Romance, but I used to adore “Lauren’ before they changed the formula. Yes, unfortunately some perfume is expensive, but personally, it’s worth it. (I saw some on Amazon) The most expensive perfume I have is one that cost me $180.00! There is a bottle of perfume I’m dying to get but at $240 I think I’ll have to pass, or get a decant.

    (Please note that I feel your pain..hugs…)

  4. First of all… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! At your fabric journal – I have wanted to try one of these for so long – since I saw a very pretty one on display at a craft workshop I went to – we were painting boxes at the workshop and I instantly wanted to do the journal instead! Mine wouldn’t be pretty though, it would be grungy and touchy feely and gorgeous… hopefully a little like yours ;)

    Oh I feel for you with the tongue biting. I really do – have had to do a LOT of that over the past year with various family members. You seriously cannot believe some of the things that come out of people’s mouths and I have been told by my partner I can’t just disown people – much as I would like to.

    Am not a perfume wearer but I do like body mists and must admit if it gets up near £10 I consider it expensive but have got very good in ‘sharing’ my favourite ones with my girls – they are just experimenting with their feminine sides lately, one of them in particular after being a tom boy for years, so I’m trying not to horde my limited supply of mists and just let them try stuff. Like you – live for today. Blimey – if nothings else I’ve learnt that the last few years :)

  5. Especially love the jeans journal. You inspired me to buy some perfume for myself cause if soft toys and dolls recognize the need for a treat so can I. I did though put it out of little misses reach. I think.

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